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In two new Steve Hackett Youtube Interviews, the Genesis guitarist talks current projects, influences and his Farida guitar

The work of some artists and bands is so mind-blowing in scope, and so otherworldly, that is sounds as if it were beamed from another planet. The early work of Genesis would almost certainly fall into this category.

Between 1970 and 1977, which is considered by many to be ‘golden era’ of the band, the line-up of Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Steve Hackett broke down the boundaries between musical genres and ushered in a new era of progressive rock.

You might have heard that the legendary Genesis guitarist is the latest to become a Farida endorsee- and now, a Steve Hackett Youtube interview reveals influences, projects and more.

Steve Hackett Youtube Interview For Farida

The marriage of classical music and rock ‘n’ roll

Listening to this era of Genesis, the range of apparent musical influences is staggering, and you way well wonder where they come from. It seems that these are in no small part due to Steve Hackett, whose musical schooling and influences stretched from The Shadows to Andre Segovia and beyond.

In these two videos he expands upon this. It’s interesting hear a player of his stature talk about how listening to another player can make you feel as though you know nothing about the guitar at all (something I feel when hearing most players… ;-))

Steve Hackett Youtube Interview For Farida

In his hands throughout the interview is the forthcoming Farida Artist Designed Steve Hackett D-52 12E 12-string acoustic guitar. This limited edition guitar features a North American Sitka spruce top and African mahogany back and sides, with a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. An LR Baggs EAS Element preamp system is equipped to ensure great tone when plugged in.

In the videos, we only get few moments with Steve playing the prototype guitar, but it sounds pretty sweet to our ears…

The very limited Farida Artist Designed D-5212E Steve Hackett Guitar is now no longer in production after an extremely successful run. However, you can view avast range of Farida acoustics in our online store here. Call our customer service team on 01925 582420 for more information.