4 Of The Coolest Koa Guitars

Aloha Koa! Hawaii is an amazing place. The surf, the beaches, the Ukelele! Even better than that though is the Koa tree. The Acacia Koa is native to Hawaii, where it is the second most common tree. According to The World Resources Insitute: “Guitars made from Koa were an innovation of the early 19th century,… Read More

Top 5 Affordable Acoustic Guitars For Touring

High quality, mid-budget guitars that won’t ever let you down If you collect guitars only to leave them in their case for their entire lives choosing to play them ONLY when the lighting is “just right” with no chance of harmful UV rays or pesky onlookers asking “can I have a go?”, then this blog… Read More

Classical vs. Acoustic Guitars – which is right for me?

Nylon String guitars vs. Steel String Acoustic – choose your weapon So you’ve decided to start playing guitar! First of all, congratulations, you’re about to embark on a rewarding musical journey that will undoubtedly change your life for the better – yes, guitar is that good! The journey begins at deciding what type of guitar… Read More

Choosing The Best High-End Acoustic Guitar For You

High-end models perfect for when you need to upgrade your guitar You’ve put in the time with your hand-me-down guitar, the beginner pack that’s served you well or the one you’ve “borrowed” from your friend (and failed to give back for 3 years). You know pretty much every Oasis and Led Zeppelin song there is,… Read More

5 of the best 12 string guitars you really need to play

Updated 13/12/16 These are the 12-string guitars you’re looking for…  The 12 string guitar, such an awesome instrument that has appeared on everything from folk records to heavy metal albums. If you’re a Fairport Convention fan, Springsteen aficionado or Led Zeppelin fanatic the 12 string guitar will undoubtedly appeal to you, but even if you’re… Read More

Which is the best acoustic guitar amp for me?

An acoustic amplifier makes all the difference to your sound The acoustic amplifier can play a vital role in your performance, yet for some reason the use of an acoustic amplifier is an afterthought by even the most avid of guitarists. When you have an acoustic guitar with a pickup installed, often you’ll think just… Read More

Which Fretboard Wood Should I Choose?

How do different woods really make a difference? Though it’s easy to take for granted, all the different woods that make up your guitar have been partnered together for specific reasons. The fretboard wood, for example, can certainly make a difference to the of tone of an instrument, and some woods can suit certain players and styles… Read More

Best Acoustic Guitars Under £1000

You don’t have to break the bank to afford a quality guitar When it comes to buying an acoustic guitar, or anything for that matter, its often the case that if something costs more, it’s perceived as “better”. Sure when you purchase an expensive instrument, you’re paying for the workmanship that goes into creating the instrument,… Read More

Recording Acoustic Guitar At Home

Acoustic recording techniques to get you started A well-produced acoustic guitar is one of recorded music’s greatest treats. While many acoustics do come with pickups built in so they can be played through an amplifier or into a desk or DAW, the true beauty of an acoustic guitar comes in its unplugged, stripped back nature. Steel… Read More

Best Left Handed Guitars

Six of the best southpaw guitars for all levels Left handed people in most walks of life have got it hard. Accounting for only 10 per cent of the world’s population, lefties constantly face the challenge of finding the necessary tools to tackle tasks in a predominantly right handed world. This is particularly true for guitarists. Right-handers… Read More