How To Sound Like Blossoms

From Stockport to Mercury Today on the blog we’re going to talk about a band who have come a long way in a short time. We’re especially proud of this lot seeing as they come from Cheshire, the same county as Dawsons HQ. We are of course talking about 2017 Mercury Music Prize nominees, and… Read More

How to Learn Bass Improvisation in Four Simple Steps

Improvisation is Liberation   No matter what music you’re into, whether it’s hard rock, blues or spaced-aged jazz funk, if you’re a bass player, learning to improvise is one of the most rewarding skills you can acquire. Not only will learning to jam on the bass improve your learning, but it will also give you… Read More

Bass Guitar Tuning Guide

How to get your low-end in check… How do I tune my Bass? This question has come up a lot recently and whilst writing this post I’ve been mindful to keep things simple and avoid the theoretical element of tuning, as it might leave the majority of people who are new to bass playing ‘in… Read More

Best Bass Guitars – 4 Iconic Models

Which are the best bass guitars ever? Any list is likely to include these iconic instruments Like the electric guitar, the bass guitar has a surprisingly short history. In truth, it was as recent as the ‘50s that the bass became a more a common sight on stages. Like the guitar, its development was in… Read More

Electric Bass Guitar – A Brief History Of The Low-End

The electric bass guitar is a staple of modern music- but where did it the bass begin? The electric bass guitar is an instrument as ubiquitous as the electric guitar in modern popular music. Regardless of genre, it seems, there will always be a player wielding a bass, and providing the musical foundations. It’s hard… Read More

Best Bass Lines Ever?

Five of the best bass lines ever recorded… Recently, the NME published a list of the best bass lines ever, as chosen by writer Anna Conrad. As you may expect from a publication such as the NME, these had a decidedly indie-rock flavour. This, of course, is fine. However, it seems a bit odd to… Read More