6 Great Instagram Guitarists

 Gone in 60 Seconds The beauty of social media, and Instagram specifically, is that it’s possible to build an audience regardless of your skill level or approach to guitar playing. Post a video and get instant feedback, encouragement and if you’re lucky, a returning fanbase. The one minute limit on Instagram videos also means that… Read More

The Coolest New Roland And BOSS Products For 2016

New amps, drums and some real surprises… 2016 has been an amazing year for the Roland and BOSS brands. Releasing a plethora of unique musical instruments throughout the year must seem like a tiring affair, but both of these innovators are showing no signs of slowing down releasing ingenious new products and improving on an… Read More

5 Of The Best Compressor Pedals

Taking a closer look at the compressor pedal The compressor pedal is a widely used piece of equipment that is often relied upon by a myriad of guitarists from a great deal of musical backgrounds and styles. But why is it often overlooked? We think it’s down to the fact that the compressor pedal is… Read More

John Frusciante Gear – How To Get His Sound

Updated 10/11/16 The playing evolution of the legendary RHCP guitarist John Frusciante is a rare breed of guitarist – one that has found stadium-filling fame with funk-rock behemoths Red Hot Chili Peppers, but at the same time one that has maintained a creative drive, never afraid to create unusual or experimental music. In this article,… Read More

Interview with Milk Teeth, the not so Vile Children of the UK rock/grunge scene

The Stroud 4 piece are currently taking over the airwaves According to Wikipedia, Stroud, nestled in the county of Gloucestershire, has a population of just over 13,000 people and the picturesque town “is noted for its steep streets, independent spirit and cafe culture”. The aerial view of the town is reminiscent of something American tourists… Read More

Choosing A Guitar Pedal Power Supply – What You Need To Know

Which pedal power supply is right for me? As a guitarist, you’ll no doubt have a load of effects pedals strewn across your pedalboard/plank of wood, and chances are you’ve now decided to upgrade from 9v batteries to a more solid form of pedal power – the power supply. But you’re probably thinking “Where should… Read More

Roland release new products including the VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato pedal

An electronic Cajon, a new amp and the release of a classic, sought after pedal… Ahead of NAMM 2016 we take a look at the great new products coming from our friends at Roland. Including a great range of Midi Controllers, guitar pedals, amplifiers, an electric Cajon drum and a very special digital piano. A-01… Read More

Which Is The Best Loop Pedal For Me?

Choosing the right loop pedal for you Loop pedals have really exploded onto the music scene over the past few years. Fuelled by a host of big names employing them into their live setups, these creatively exciting tools have given a new dimension to practice and performance for guitarists. Artists like Ed Sheeran and KT… Read More

BOSS RV-6 Review

Classy new reverb pedal promises ambience aplenty BOSS has released a brand new iteration of what is, certainly in our eyes, a classic stomper. The BOSS RV-6 takes the already excellent RV-5 reverb pedal and propels it toward new frontiers of textural sonic adventure. The RV-5 offered six of BOSS’ lush reverbs in a stereo effects pedal. The included reverb types were… Read More

Tools To Improve Vocal Performance

Gear to help you hit the high notes It must be great to be a singer. No instruments to carry around, other than yourself. No lusting after 1950s custom shop reissues. No arguing over different brands of preamp valves. You just turn up, sing, and go home. Dead easy. Except, of course, it’s not like… Read More