New Gretsch Streamliner Guitars For NAMM 2016

Great Gretsch guitars for 2016 When you hold a Gretsch guitar the history of the guitar is almost tangible, instantly transporting you back in time to feel like you’ve just joined the ranks of the guitarist hall of fame, sat beside Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Chet Atkins. For 2016, Gretsch have revived their famed Streamliner… Read More

Must Have Vintage Inspired Gear

Updated 13/12/16 A trip down music gear memory lane The world of musical instruments is quite odd really. In what other walk of life is there equal lusting after equipment which is cutting edge modern, and gear which would look at home 100 years ago? On one hand, there are the progressive types who want all… Read More

Rewriting History – The Return Of Gretsch Guitars

Updated 23/5/16 The long history of Gretsch is a rollercoaster ride of success and setbacks. But where are they in 2014? Fred’s the name Gretsch began their journey in 1883 under the control of German immigrant to the USA, Friedrich Gretsch but it wasn’t until his son (also named Fred) took over, that the company… Read More

Gretsch G5422 Review

Classic rock ‘n’ roll cool at affordable prices – we see if it’s true in our Gretsch G5422 review The Gretsch G5422 Electromatic has been revealed, and this new affordable guitar offers plenty to appeal to wide range of players. Featuring the new Black Top Filter’Tron pickups, and plenty of classic good looks, it aims… Read More