A Full Gig Rig You Can Fit In A Bag?

Small scale gear for making large scale noise There’s been a definite trend over recent years to shrink down amps, pedals and other bits of musical equipment. Whether it’s advances in technology – i.e. being able to use fewer components to achieve the same result – or increased portability, certain items do lend themselves to… Read More

Signature Guitars: Which Camp Are You In?

When is a signature guitar not a signature guitar? It must be great to be a working, successful musician. Imagine a situation where your latest record is being played everywhere. Fans are chasing you through the supermarket while you deliberate over which breakfast cereal to buy. Your stock could not be higher. Then, you receive… Read More

The Left Handed Guitar Guide

Finding the Right Left Handed Guitar At least 10% of us are left handed, so you’d expect that 10% of all guitars would be the same, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Announcing that you are a left handed guitarist is usually met with snorts of derision, or pity. Yes, we could learn right… Read More

Versatile and Solid: The Best Gear For Buskers

Make It Portable, Make It Loud Busking is a right of passage for any performer worth their salt. Sure, you can play shows to cut your teeth, but if you really want to improve your presence, technique and ability to cope with setback then you really need to busk. See, when you busk, you’re playing… Read More

We Need To Talk About Fanned Frets

Best of all worlds? Like everything in popular culture, the guitar is occasionally subjected to fads. These ripples in the hype machine crop up and for a while, people begin questioning if what they thought they knew was true. We’ve seen it with modelling amps, tiny effect pedals and lunchbox heads. Even more occasionally, the… Read More

The ultimate guitar quiz. The results are in!

 Guitar heroes, hand cramps and evolving guitars In April 2016 we asked all of our social media followers to offer their opinion on all things guitar and amazingly hundreds of you replied, stating who your favourite guitarist is, how you prefer to shop and the real reasons why we all don’t practice as much as… Read More

Classical vs. Acoustic Guitars – which is right for me?

Nylon String guitars vs. Steel String Acoustic – choose your weapon So you’ve decided to start playing guitar! First of all, congratulations, you’re about to embark on a rewarding musical journey that will undoubtedly change your life for the better – yes, guitar is that good! The journey begins at deciding what type of guitar… Read More

The Top Five 7-String Guitars from £200 – £750

Updated 8/7/16 A beginners guide to the 7 string guitar The 7 string guitar can often be looked at by guitarists, especially those like me, who have only ever played a 6 string as something of an anomaly, something to be looked at but never touched for fear that we embarrass ourselves on it, only… Read More

5 of the best 12 string guitars you really need to play

Updated 13/12/16 These are the 12-string guitars you’re looking for…  The 12 string guitar, such an awesome instrument that has appeared on everything from folk records to heavy metal albums. If you’re a Fairport Convention fan, Springsteen aficionado or Led Zeppelin fanatic the 12 string guitar will undoubtedly appeal to you, but even if you’re… Read More

Coolest Guitars at NAMM 2016

From the beautiful to the outright crazy, these are the coolest guitars we saw at NAMM 2016 The National Association of Music Merchants or NAMM as it is widely known, offers musicians, gear geeks and guitar lovers a chance to see all the new and exciting products that some of the world’s biggest brands. Translation:… Read More