5 Design Classics

Hey Good Looking On the Dawsons blog, we prioritise function over fashion when talking about the instruments we’re excited about. With this said, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy. In today’s blog we’re purely about the aesthetics. This is our list of design classics, available today! Fender Stratocaster As American as apple… Read More

Five Great Pro DJ Controllers

Updated 14/07/2016 Digital technology has changed DJing at all levels – here are five great pro DJ controllers   Is there anything that digital technology can’t do? It has revolutionised just about every aspect of the modern world, and music is no exception. The DJ world has been turned upside down by modern, computer tech… Read More

Review: Pioneer DDJ-SX DJ Controller

After months of available stock disappearing from the the warehouse immediately, we finally get a look at the Pioneer DDJ-SX… There are some bits of gear whose popularity exceeds all expectations, regardless of how high those expectations are. The Pioneer DDJ-SX is one such product. The demand for these DJ controllers meant that it is… Read More

A Comparison of Pioneer Wireless Controllers

Since the range of Pioneer wireless controllers expanded with the R1, there’s been a bit of confusion – here’s a video comparison to clarify In the rapidly evolving world of DJ tech, Pioneer wireless controllers are right at the cutting edge. This development has the potential to truly revolutionise the way in which DJs work…. Read More

Review: Pioneer XDJ-R1

A new all in one DJ unit with wireless technology – we put it though its paces in our Pioneer XDJ-R1 Review In the past ten years, the DJ world has been rapidly transformed by digital technology. It could be argued that this technological revolution was started in earnest by Japanese tech giants, Pioneer. It was… Read More

3 Of The Best DJ Headphones

Updated 29/11/16 There’s a wealth of products claiming to be DJ headphones available – we take a look at 3 of the best It’s easy to think that all headphones are all fundamentally the same. Whilst you would expect a difference in quality between an expensive pair and a cheaper pair, they all do the… Read More

Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus Review

We see how this new flagship mixer fares in our Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus review The Pioneer DJM-2000 nexus has been unveiled, positioning itself as Pioneer’s new flagship DJ mixer. The third product to wear the ‘nexus’ moniker builds on the Pro DJ Link features of its predecessor, improves audio quality, channel faders, and more. Designed… Read More

CDJ 2000 Nexus Review

Updating a DJ industry standard is risky – we see if Pioneer has improved a classic in our CDJ 2000 Nexus review There are some brands and products that become such a de-facto standard in their field that their names become interchangeable with every other product of its kind. Hoover and Tannoy are just such… Read More

3 Great All-In-One Laptop DJ Solutions

Three great all-in-one DJ Equipment solutions for the laptop DJ The computer has been steadily infiltrating the world of DJ Equipment for some time now. It might be fair to say, however, that in the last few years, it has become ‘the norm’. As with many other areas of DJ Equipment, the laptop DJ has… Read More

How to DJ – A Beginners Guide, Part 3

In part 3 of ‘How to DJ’, we take the first steps towards creating a mix In parts 1 and 2 of the ‘How to DJ’ series, we covered the different media available to the DJ, and the pros and cons of each, and the different gear you might need for each format. Now it’s… Read More