Best Beginner Keyboard – Top 5

Here’s our guide to the best beginner keyboard for you. To suit all budgets, styles and levels – perfect if you’re just starting your musical journey.

6 Great Instagram Guitarists

 Gone in 60 Seconds The beauty of social media, and Instagram specifically, is that it’s possible to build an audience regardless of your skill level or approach to guitar playing. Post a video and get instant feedback, encouragement and if you’re lucky, a returning fanbase. The one minute limit on Instagram videos also means that… Read More

7 Game Changing Instruments

Let’s Push Things Forward Music, like all forms of art, must evolve in order to survive. Fortunately for us, the creative manufacturing industry continues to develop amazing products that will push music into the 22nd century. In this blog we’re going to look at 7 instruments that changed the game. Fender Telecaster Where else could… Read More

How Yamaha Apps Change The Way You Learn, Practice And Perform

Yamaha Apps open up a whole new world of capabilities within your instrument Yamaha have created a whole host of great apps to enhance all aspects of your playing, adding a very useful element to their already formidable repertoire of products. Whether you’re looking to improve your playing, your recording capabilities or you’re just starting… Read More

Yamaha Amps – Which THR Guitar Amp Is For You?

There’s and impressive range of Yamaha amps available in the form of the THR series, and here’s a mini guide to the range… Yamaha amps became a major talking point when the THR series was launched last year. Billed as ‘your third amp’ upon launch, the range combines several different Yamaha technologies into a retro… Read More

Best Piano For Beginners

There are many that may claim to be the best piano for beginners, but what makes one instrument better than another? Here, we take a look at some of the best and most affordable digital pianos available. Whilst many would love an acoustic piano in the home, for the beginner, these are often impractical. Aside… Read More

Replace Pots and Pans with a Digital Drum Kit This Christmas

If someone in your life is hitting the pots and pans in your house like this guy, why not give them a digital drum kit? There are many people who have argued the case for a having a digital drum kit in their life, and many who have demonstrated their ‘natural ability’ by hitting a… Read More

Yamaha’s Latest Piano For Beginners…

The new Yamaha P-105 may well be the perfect digital piano for beginners… The Yamaha P-105 is a new addition to one of Yamaha’s most popular piano ranges, and it might prove to be the ideal stage piano for beginners. The P-series has provided a wide selection of highly regarded stage pianos for many years,… Read More

The Most Affordable Stage Piano Ever?

The Yamaha P-35 may well be the most affordable, fully weighted stage piano ever made… The new Yamaha P-35 offers so much in terms of specification that the price is, frankly, shocking (in a very good way). As a new model in Yamaha’s ludicrously popular P-Series, you would already expect it to provide great performance… Read More

Gadget Show ‘s Jason Bradbury Tests DTX400 Kit

Gadget Show Guru, Jason Bradbury, gets his hands on the Yamaha DTX400 kit, and seems mightily impressed… The Gadget Show ‘s interest in music related technology seems to grow every year. The show has screened Music Technology specials, and showcases a wide variety of gear, from instruments, to DJ gear and recording equipment. This reflects… Read More