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Sinking your Teeth into Wireless Connectivity

Convenience (for most of us), is everything these days. From smartphones that pay for our weekly shop, to robotic vacuum cleaners that terrify our pets. With this said, when we’re buying gear as a musician, we want stuff that’s savvy and justifiable, especially when space in our house/flat/halls of residence/bedroom is at a premium. This is where the crossover between great music gear and consumer electronics become necessary, and where the Bluetooth amp becomes a great tool.

No, you’re unlikely to use these amps when you’re touring the world, but at home when practicing, recording, or when you’re having a party and need a decent speaker, these amps can’t be beat. This is our guide to the best Bluetooth compatible amps.

Blackstar ID Core Beam

The Core Beam is the versatile Bluetooth bad-boy from British amp manufacturer, Blackstar. Amazingly, this is not solely optimized for your electric guitar, but is also compatible with your bass and acoustic too. Read: Bass, Electric, Acoustic, Music. See, they don’t just make great amps; they’re clever with their words too…

Blackstar worked extensively to ensure Bass voicings are accurate and please the most steadfast bass player. There are two acoustic channels too. Voice 1 is designed with a flat EQ and Voice 2 is, to quote Blackstar: ‘natural sounding [and] dynamically voiced’. Need we say more about the E and the M? Nah, just know that this is a supremely versatile amp.

Line 6 Amplifi

Probably the most futuristic looking amp on our list, the Line 6 AMPLIFi 75, doesn’t actually look like an amp, but instead like some mad furniture from the set of Tron (YMMV). This amp is not just futuristic in the looks department though, and is made to work in conjunction with some pretty sweet tech. The AMPLIFi Remote app is a purpose-built app, made for the AMPLIFi which really brings this machine’s capabilities to life. It’s great in that itallows you to manually sculpt your tone with your fingertips; you can drag and swipe to increase and decrease drive, treble, volume and more… In short, it’s perfect for that crunchy guitar tone, or that bass heavy party playlist.

Check out Lee’s video for an in depth look!

Marshall Code 25

Image of a Marshall guitar amp

If the modern look is less your bag, the Marshall Code 25, retains that classic Marshall design in a compact Bluetooth amp.

Like the Amplifi, the Code 25 has an ace app for controlling the amp’s ample settings. This one also comes with 100 user editable presets, as well as 14 preamp models, 4 power amp models, and 8 speaker cab models. One other neat function is its ability to dial in classic Marshall models. Play along to Jimi, with the Jimi preset… pretty cool.

Fender Mustang GT-40

Image of a Fender guitar amp

Last but not least, the Fender Mustang GT-40. Positioned by Fender as ‘The World’s Most Advanced Digital Amplifier Series’. The Mustang range actually comes in versions that cater to home use (GT-40), studio (GT-100) and big stages (the mahoosive GT-200). The colour display makes achieving your tone super clear, and like the Marshall and Line6 offerings, Fender offer an amp, perfect for controlling the amp from afar. We especially enjoy the Fender artist-created presets, which allows players to dial in their guitar like their favourite artists. *Author’s tip: there’s a Cannibal Corpse preset.

So there you go, that’s our list of the best Bluetooth amps available at Dawsons. To see our full range of amps, from mini to bulky, head here!