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The Humble Guitar Strap

The guitar strap is usually billed as an ‘essential’ guitar accessory, but why do you need one, and which should you buy?

The guitar strap is an accessory that is often taken for granted. It’s a bit like a goalkeeper, in a way- whilst it is doing its job effectively, you don’t know its there, but if it doesn’t… it’s not worth thinking about!

If you’re a beginner, you may have been told that you’ll need a guitar strap by a friend or your teacher, and you may well ask why.

In truth, it very much depends on how you play. If you play classical guitar, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a strap. This style of guitar is generally played whilst sat down, and often with a footstool to raise the leg that your guitar will rest on to the correct height.

Most commonly, straps are used when the player will be stood up, supporting the instrument so that the player’s hands are free to move around without risking the guitar crashing the ground and meeting an untimely end.

So, if you want to stomp around the stage (or your living room/bedroom), throwing rockstar shapes, you’ll need a strap.

A guitar strap sometimes can be useful when playing a guitar whilst sat down, too, however. If beginner needs just a little extra support, or some help holding the guitar in the correct position, a strap can be ideal.

Strap Buttons

Whilst just about every electric guitar ever made is equipped with strap buttons (the metal studs on which a strap can be attached), some acoustic guitars don’t- classical guitars rarely have them, in fact. Be sure to check this before purchasing a strap.

If your acoustic guitar doesn’t have strap buttons, never fear. Fitting strap buttons is relatively straightforward. Contact your local Dawsons store – the staff will be able to sell you and fit strap buttons, should you require.

There are hundreds of guitar straps available – so which should you buy?

Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap

Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap

The Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap is instantly recognisable, and has been a familiar accessory in the Fender range for decades. Two inches wide, this trap features light padding for extra comfort.

Stagg Extra Long Guitar Strap

Stagg Extra Long Guitar Strap

This is the most popular guitar strap we sell. Made of super-tough, but lightweight nylon webbing, it provides plenty of comfort in a long-lasting design. Plus, black goes with anything, doesn’t it? And it’s very slimming, too…

Levy Dm5 Lightning Bolt Ends Black

lightning bolt guitar strap

Levy produce an astonishing selection of guitar straps, including the Levy Dm5 Lightning Bolt Ends in Black. With this, you’ll join the ranks of other famous guitarists such as Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley and Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes in terms of style. Made of soft-hand polypropylene.

Gibson Fatboy Guitar Strap

Gibson Fatboy Guitar Strap Black

Like a great many things Gibson produces, the Fatboy Guitar strap is a very luxurious option. Made of soft, full grain leather, and with ½” thick memory foam padding, this 1 ¾” wide strap oozes premium credentials.

Branded with the Gibson logo, this guitar strap is the kind of item you keep for a lifetime, much like Gibson guitars.

A full range of guitar straps is available in our online store, here.

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