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The KRK Rokit Range of Monitor Speakers

The KRK Rokit Range of Monitor Speakers

They’ve been around a while, but the KRK Rokit Range of Monitor Speakers is still insanely popular

In the incredibly competitive studio monitor market place, the KRK Rokit range has established itself as one of the most popular available. So what do the Rokit’s have that makes people choose the yellow cone? Aside from looking pretty, the KRK RP range has several features not often seen in monitors of this price…

Glass Aramid Composite Speaker Cones

It’s impossible to talk about KRK Rokit monitors without mentioning those bright yellow speaker cones. Aside from the distinctive colour (described by many as ‘well sick’), the speaker cones construction allows fro more accurate bass frequency replication. Unlike most monitors at this price, which feature cardboard or fibre speaker cones, the Rokit range feature Glass Aramid drivers. These are far stiffer than the fibre or cardboard equivalent. In practice this means that the KRK Rokit’s cones are less likely to twist of deform when in motion, and this results in more accurate bass. And we all like accurate bass :-D.
KRK Rokit RP8 G2

Curved speaker Baffle

The G2 KRK Rokit range introduced a new, curvier cabinet, and in particular, a curvier front, or ‘baffle’. This is not just cosmetic (though it is very purdy…). The curves around the Rokit ‘s silk dome tweeter are accurate ‘waveguides’, in essence focusing high frequencies away from the cabinet, but ensuring accuracy for the listener. The other aspects of the KRK ’s curved design reduce diffraction, again, increasing accuracy.

Well Connected

You may be asking which cables you’ll need for your soon-to-be-purchased Rokit speakers. The answer is thmost analogue cable can be used. The KRK Rokit range feature XLR, balanced ¼” jack and RCA inputs, placing them amongst the most well equipped monitors available at this price.

The KRK Rokit range are insane value, with a feature set more commonly seen on monitors at much higher price points. Available in a version with 8” Drivers (KRK RP8 G2), 6” drivers (KRK RP6 G2) and 5” drivers (KRK RP5 G2), see our website for the full range.

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