The biggest event in our calendar is almost upon us!

The NAMM Show 2020 announcements are already coming through thick and fast! Stay with Studio D for up-to-the-minute coverage announcements, new releases, proclamations and the odd rumour or two…

NAMM 2020 is already proving to be bigger and better than ever before with some of the big brands already dropping fresh gear (we’re looking at you Ibanez and Martin).

Will Gibson follow up on last year’s range with another strong offering for 2020 or will smaller boutique brands steal the limelight?

Let’s see what’s going on thus far, shall we…

Ibanez: We’ve already covered the extensive range of 2020 models from the Japanese giant including the headless EHB Basses with extended range models, multi-scale options, and a host of eye-catching finishes.

There are one or two additions (tongue firmly in cheek, there’re loads) to the Ibanez Premium range, Axion Label models for metal purists with exotic tonewoods galore and affordable SA series models that are the stuff of dreams for those beginning their guitar journey or looking to progress to the next level.

Here’s the big question though: will there be more guitars and basses dropping at The NAMM Show 2020?

Ibanez has a habit of releasing exciting prospects during the show itself so we have high hopes that they’ll deliver the goods yet again this year (fingers crossed).

C.F. Martin & Co.: Hot on the heels of Ibanez’s early announcement is the new X Series range to be exhibited at NAMM 2020. Boasting a selection of body shapes, cutaways options, and customary high-spec appointments that include the Fishman MX Electronics System, the Martin X Series models offer ideal all-rounders for all players.

Each X Series model is supplied with a new Martin soft gig-bag, which features headstock/bridge and endpin protectors, a durable water-repellent exterior, and foam padding. Tying things together nicely are the Martin Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings to get you up and running in no time.

PRS: Towards the end of last year we were treated PRS’ 2020 models, which included the divine PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 (below – feast your eyes…)

VOX: Coming in hot is the sophisticated Cambridge50, a modern-day masterpiece that adds to the growing family of impressive modelling guitar amps.

Utilising Virtual Element Technology (“VET”) modelling tech to produce realistic venue-filling sounds, paired with VOX Nutube tech that produces delightfully satisfying distortion, rapid response, plus the tonal changes you’d expect of a tube amp, and you’ve got a formidable performance partner.

The open-back cabinet equipped with a 12-inch speaker produces a crisp sonic output, making this an exciting prospect indeed! 50-Watts of pure unadulterated joy without the back-breaking labour – what’s not to love about the VOX Cambridge50?

Gibson: Following on from being announced as their first-ever Global Brand Ambassador, Slash collaborates closely with Gibson to curate acoustic and electric guitars that celebrate iconic instruments spanning several decades.

Slash and Gibson’s Luthiers worked in close collaboration with attention to the fine details at Gibson’s headquarters in Nashville, TN. The Gibson Slash Collection features four Les Paul Standard electric guitars and two J-45 Standard acoustic guitars. Inspiring multiple generations of players around the world, the Slash Collection is comprised of the most influential Gibson guitars Slash has used throughout his career and can be seen live onstage with Slash today.

Each Slash Collection Les Paul Standard features a AAA maple top, a solid Mahogany body and Slash’s personal touches including a C-shape neck profile, signature Gibson “SlashBucker” pickups, colour-coordinated hardware appointments, hand-wired electronics with orange drop capacitors and a vintage style brown hardshell case. Exclusive to the Slash Collection are Slash’s “Scully” signature drawing on the back of the headstock, Slash’s signature on the truss rod cover, a blank truss rod cover in the case, Slash’s new Ernie Ball strings, and four Slash Jim Dunlop Tortex® picks. The Slash Collection Les Paul Standard is available in November Burst, Appetite Burst, Vermillion Burst and Anaconda Burst.

Each Slash Collection Gibson J-45 Standard features a blend of traditional appointments and modern features including a custom Slash rounded C-neck profile, a fatter and more modern 16” fingerboard radius and a versatile LR BaggsTM VTC pickup for natural acoustic sound. Exclusive to the Slash Collection are Slash’s “Scully” signature drawing on the back of the headstock, Slash’s signature on the truss rod cover with a blank truss rod cover in the case and four Slash Jim Dunlop Tortex® picks. The Slash Collection J-45 Standard is available in November Burst and Vermillion Burst.

Developing my new Collection with the new team at Gibson has been really exciting, The quality and attention to detail is next level, and these guitars truly reflect what I play live and in the studio. I think guitarists will be inspired by what we’ve put together.

Slash, Gibson Press Release

Working with Slash is an honor and to develop his new Gibson Collection was an incredible journey; Slash is a perfectionist and a guitar nerd like me, and the new Slash Collection is a true reflection of him

Cesar GueikianChief Merchant Officer of Gibson

Fender: So, this has already gone round the world twice but we’ve all seen THAT post by riffsandbeards, right? You know the one we mean…

We’re not going to go to town on this rumour but let’s see how it plays out. Could we see a Soul Power Signature production model in the future or was Ryan “Fluffy” Bruce bluffing?

No, it’s true and I saw it with my own eyes, the Tom Morello Soul Power model is legit.

Blackstar: As we covered in greater detail in another blog post, Blackstar’s Sonnet amps have been garnering plenty of attention at NAMM. Check out our exclusive interview between Tom Quayle and Jon Gomm below: