The Roland Keyboard For Every Gigging Situation?

Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

Introducing the V-Combo VR-09 – the Roland keyboard for just about every gig…

Among the new products unveiled ahead of NAMM 2013 was a new Roland keyboard aimed at providing all of the sounds and control a gigging keys player might need. The V-Combo VR-09 is dubbed a ‘Live Performance Keyboard’, and as names go, it lays its cards on the table.

Roland V-Combo VR-09

This isn’t the first V-Combo model to be released- there have been several previous models, each providing a combination of Roland sound technologies to suit the gigging player. However, this new Roland keyboard is arguably the leanest, lightest and most ‘player-focussed’ the brand has ever produced.

Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

Combining its SuperNATURAL organ modelling technology, with superb electric and acoustic pianos and a healthy selection of classic synth sounds, and squeezing it into a super-lightweight, compact instrument, the VR-09 is all things to all players.

SuperNATURAL Organs with Authentic Control

Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

The V-Combo VR-09 has three sound engines: piano, organ and synth. The organ engine is based on SuperNATURAL sound technology. This reproduces classic tone wheel organs in detail, complete with simulated drawbar control via the 9 sliders. Alongside, there’s also a great transistor-based organ sound, too (think early Doors tracks). Rotary speaker and amp simulations provide the final authentic touch.

Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

Piano sounds are always a staple for the performing keyboard player. Here, you’ll find a superb 88-note, stereo sampled grand piano sound supplies a stunning recreation of an acoustic piano, whilst a selection of stunning vintage electric piano sounds are also included. Again, a selection of vintage-appropriate effects is also included, such as phasers, tremolos and the like.

Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

The synth engine delivers a selection of high quality synth sounds, both vintage and current. As you might expect from a Roland keyboard, it includes many of its own ‘greatest hits’, from the Juno series on other classic synth ranges. With modern effects and control, however, it’s more than equipped for modern styles.

The V-Combo VR-09 is a designed primarily as a performance instrument, and this is very clear from its user interface design. Organs have physical drawbar controls, synth sounds have envelope and filter controls on the front panel, and everything is easily accessible with the minimum of fuss.Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

In addition, a selection of onboard rhythms, the ability to playback MP3, WAV or SMF files and an onboard looper make the VR-09 even better equipped for the widest variety of gigging situations.

For those who wish to take full advantage of the VR-09 ‘s editing capabilities, a free iPad editor app is available, allowing the user to get ‘under the hood’ and tweak sounds to their heart’s content.

Roland Keyboard - V-Combo VR-09

Remarkably, all of this is crammed into a keyboard that weighs just 5kg, and can be powered via battery or AC power. This Roland keyboard truly is a gig worthy instrument that you could carry on the bus.

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