As The Stone Roses play monumental homecoming shows this weekend, we take a look at John Squire’s Guitars

As The Stone Roses return to their spiritual home, Manchester, this weekend it seems the musical world is working itself into a frenzy. For the musicians in the audience, this type of huge show often has a secondary layer of interest, relating to the gear the band are going to use. Yes, it may be a bit nerdy, but come on? Aren’t you wondering which guitars John Squire will be playing? Well we are, so here’s a little guide to some of the axes Mr. Squire has used in the past…

Gretsch Country Gentleman

Gretsch Country Gentleman – 1964/ 1965

Perhaps the guitar sound that The Stone Roses are most famed, the Gretsch Country Gentleman provided the rich, chimey tone that was a bedrock of the band’s sound on the first album. Squire’s own guitar is thought to be a vintage, 1964 or 1965 model, equipped with Supertron pickups.

Fender 1960 Strat Shell Pink

Fender Stratocaster – 1960

It seems that Squire has a real taste for vintage classics. This 1960 Fender Stratocaster is a great example. The Strat was acquired whilst recording the first Stone Roses album. Having used to provide some of the thinner, more cutting tones, along with glassier, out of phase tones, the Strat was used on ‘Where Angels Play’ and ‘I am the Resurrection’ among others.

John Squire - Custom Fender Jaguar

Custom Fender Jaguar

This guitar was one the oddest amongst Squire’s collection. If you’re thinking that this looks a little bit odd for a Jaguar<, that’s because it’s a custom body shape, which looks like it might even be from a J-Bass... Squire had the innards and neck of a jaguar combined with this, and added a pair a Gibson Flying-V humbuckers, which could be coil tapped. There were two of these guitars made, one in sunburst and one in white. The recent Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar is perhaps the only currently available model that is close to this. Squire played this on ‘One Love’, but now, both instruments have been sold. John Squire '59 Les Paul Sunburst

’59 Les Paul Sunburst

The ’59 Les Paul Sunburst John Squire used during The Stone Roses ‘Second Coming’ era is a real beauty. The guitar is from the Les Paul‘s 1959 golden era, and was purchased by band management with an advance for the second album. As such, it belonged to management and not John Squire. When he left, the guitar was reclaimed by management and sold (to Richie Sambora, apparently…)

Who knows which guitars Squire will be playing for this tour. He’s clearly a huge vintage guitar fan, so you can be sure that whatever The Stone Roses are playing, he’ll have a drool-worthy guitar. If anyone is lucky enough to have tickets, perhaps they could let us know what he was playing. And, yes, we are that nerdy… 😉

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