The Vaccines - Farida Artist Designed

The Vaccines are the latest Farida Artist Designed endorsees – and Freddie will be showing it off on the Alan Carr show tonight!

The Farida Artist Designed range has a new endorsee: Freddie from The Vaccines! Yes, UK indie favourites The Vaccines have gotten involved in the range, and guitarist, Freddie, will be showing of the resulting instrument on the Alan Carr- Chatty Man show tonight!

The Vaccines rise to the top has been somewhat stratospheric. Their debut album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, peaked at number 4, making it the best selling UK debut of 2011.

Its successor, ‘Come Of Age’ hit the number one spot in 2012. Along the way, the band has released more indie anthems singles than most bands muster in an entire career.

And now, they’re Farida endorsees!

Farida Artist Designed - The Vaccines Freddie Cowan

Stunning Retro Design

The Farida Artist Designed range redefines the concept of a signature guitar model. Farida works with highly respected artists to create their ideal, no compromise instrument, to their spec.

In effect, they tell Farida what they’d like, and Farida makes it happen.

Like some of the other guitars in this highly limited edition range, it is clear from the outset that the artist is a massive fan of some of the more unusual vintage guitars out there.

With the sort of trim, chrome, shape and finish that would be as familiar on ‘60s guitar as it would on a ‘60s Cadillac, this is a real attention grabbing guitar. (Check out that Bigsby, and all the chrome plates- phwoooar!!)

This is added to with a number of unique cosmetic touches. A distinctive star logo has been screened onto the headstock, for example. Further down, the scratch plate features a specially commissioned FCC (Freddie’s initials), football badge-like logo. Very slick.

Farida Artist Designed - The Vaccines Freddie Cowan

With 3-humbuckers, there’s punk-power backed up with versatility, and the whole thing is constructed to Farida’s impeccable standards. Hugely playable, with great build, this is yet another feather in Farida’s rather well plumed hat.

And, as with other Farida Artist Designed guitars, this is a highly limited edition instrument. With just 25 made available to buy, this is a highly collectable item for fans of the band, or just fans of great guitars.

Farida Artist Designed - The Vaccines Freddie Cowan

We have no exact ETA for the Farida Artist Designed Freddie Cowan model yet- but stay posted for updates.

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