Matthew Murphy - The Wombats

The Wombats play an acoustic PV Session in the US, using a Farida M-26E

The Wombats have been continuing the trans Atlantic escapades that seem to have become a feature of their 2012. In the midst of a seven week US tour, this is the band’s second visit to the US this year, following a massively successful tour in Spring. The band is promoting its widely critically acclaimed LP, This Modern Glitch, and it seems its unique brand of infectious and melodic yet intelligent pop is garnering an increasingly large following stateside.

During the tour, The Wombats managed to squeeze in an acoustic session for huge US music website, PureVolume. And quite a treat it was, too…

Farida M-26E

Acoustic performance of ‘Jump Into The Fog’

Whilst the band is better known for its energy charged pop, at the PV Sessions The Wombats treated us to some acoustic performances of songs from This Modern Glitch. First up was the beautiful ‘Jump Into The Fog’, before a performance of ‘Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)’.

The Wombats have been Farida Endorsees for some time, and for this session, both front-man Murph and percussionist Dan Haggis played a stunning Farida M-26E parlour guitar. This small-bodied acoustic combines distinctive looks with great playability and an onboard pre-amp to create an incredibly versatile guitar, that’s just a bit out of the ordinary…

Farida CT-20 Wombats - Headstock

Regular readers will know that Murph is also due to have a Farida Artist designed model produced in the not-too-distant future. This solid body electric is quite a unique specimen, too. Designed to Murphs’s own spec, this beautifully retro guitar has a Doug Abraham T-Bucker circuit that allows the two single coil pickups to be combined to for a wide humbucker. Very cool already, and I haven’t even mentioned the subtly sparkled, baby blue vintage finish :-D.

Farida CT-20 Wombats ‘Murph’ Artist Designed Guitar

There will only be 25 of these instruments made, each individually numbered. There is no official release date yet, so watch this space…

The Farida M-26E is available right now however. Visit our stores to hear it or try it for yourself. Alternatively, call our customer service team (01925 582420) or order online.

Here’s The Wombats PV sessions, complete with interview- enjoy.