Theguitarvaults is a new website community utilising the Internet to track down stolen guitars

Theguitarvaults is a new service launched today that aims to help with that most terrible of situations for a guitarist: having an instrument stolen. For those who have experienced this, the misery that this causes does not need explaining further. For those lucky enough to have escaped this misfortune, the monetary value is often of lesser consequence than the loss of the instrument itself.

Selecting a guitar can be a long and involved process, and the result is very often a strong emotional attachment from the moment it leaves the shop. From there, it is with you as you grow as a musician, at gigs, shows, and practices. Then one day, it’s gone. The thing that has a value greater than anything you own, the unique guitar you picked from hundreds and is irreplaceable, is gone and is never likely to be seen again.

Gibson 50th Anniversary of Marshall Goldtop Les Paul

This is where theguitarvaults aims to help. It’s a sort of an online ‘neighbourhood watch’, where a community of people aim to track your guitar if it’s stolen

Register your guitar details online, and the community will aim to track it

The premise behind theguitarvaults is simple. Register with the site, then enter the details of your beloved guitar, with serial number and as much info as possible. Then upload photographs, detailing any distinguishing marks or features. The guitar is then registered with theguitarvaults.

Taylor 614ce

In the event that a guitar is stolen, the owner can let the community know. Members then ‘keep an eye open’ for the offending instrument, and aim to track it. Crucially however, visitors to the site can check whether a guitar that they have been offered, or are thinking of buying is stolen by searching the site. Serial numbers and other details can be checked.

This community driven service seems to be a very good idea, and if it puts guitars back into the rightful owners’ hands, then this has to be a good thing.

Full information can be found on the theguitarvaults website.

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