With Halloween on the horizon we have taken the opportunity to round up our favourite spiky guitars. Be warned, there are some monster offerings on display.

Hit the stage like a true metal warrior!

Let’s not bore anyone with superfluous waffle. Instead let’s adhere to the spirit of these spiky guitars and cut straight through all that. If you’re looking for a no nonsense, in your face, unabashed metal-machine for tearing through licks and riffs on, then you’re going to want one of these beauties in your hand. Or, at the very least, in your arsenal.

Don’t be mistaken, the classic body shapes with all their subtle curves and sweet cutaways are timeless. But when it comes to creating a visual aesthetic that matches the ferocity and fearlessness associated with extreme guitar playing, the first thing that comes to mind is a V-shaped model.

With that in mind, here’s some brutal axes for your delectation.

1. Epiphone PRO-1 Explorer Performance Pack

Image of an electric guitar

For those who are just starting out, the Epiphone PRO-1 Explorer Performance Pack with Rocksmith is a must! Not only do you get an awesome Epiphone Explorer in stunning Silverburst, but it comes with a raft of accessories. This includes a guitar mini-amp, Rocksmith Real Tone cable, deluxe gigbag, deluxe strap, instrument cable, and medium packs.

The guitar itself punches well above its price tag. Boasting a mahogany body and hard maple neck with EZ-PRO C-shaped profile, it offers improved playability to encourage beginners. The rosewood fingerboard has been treated with PRO-Ease lubricant to make it as smooth as possible to run your fingers along with ease. In the bridge position you’ll find a single ceramic 700T humbucker and corresponding master volume and master tone pots. All you need to cruise through riffs in style. The built-in tuner ensures that you can keep on top of your tuning at all times.

The Epiphone MityPRO mini-amp features built-in Gain for ramping up the distortion when you want to re-enact the tunes of your favourite rock and metal heroes. The included Rocksmith software and Real Tone cable encourages your guitar learning journey using interactive software. What better way you to master your craft whilst keeping things fun – which is the point! Another great thing is that this model isn’t strictly for beginners. The build quality means that as you progress beyond the basics it will go the course for many years.

2. Jackson JS Series Warrior JS32T

Image of an electric guitar

No list of “Spiky” guitars would be worth its salt if it didn’t include a Jackson Warrior! The JS Series Warrior JS32T adheres to the same striking pointy-style that we’ve all come to know and love. Utilised by many a shredder across everything from death metal to grindcore, the Warrior takes no prisoners and, as Jackson state, “The Warrior always emerges victorious”.

The Warrior JS32T benefits from a lightweight yet sturdy nato body. This offers a beefy mid-range character that is delivered with gusto by the Jackson high output humbucker partnership. The bolt-on maple neck features a scarf joint that allows the guitar to sit snugly against the body. Another added benefit is graphite reinforcement to prevent twisting or warping of the neck over time. The speed profile with satin finish allows your fretting hand to sail along beautifully. Finally, Jackson’s compound radius establishes a natural feel all the fingerboard. So, from nut to neck joint you can effortlessly tear through chords, scale runs, legato and arpeggios with abandon

Sealing the deal is Jackson hardware throughout, with a strings-through-body bridge that upholds intonation and sustain for consistency as you lay down your chops in style.

3. Jackson X Series Kelly KEX

Image of an electric guitar

Moving things up a notch on the scale of elegance, we shift our focus onto the Jackson X Series Kelly KEX. Not quite as pointy as the Warrior – but still pointy nonetheless – the X Series Kelly in Satin Black retains an angular body shape. The overall effect is a more sophisticated style without losing any of its metal prowess.

Built using lightweight basswood, the Kelly offers a balanced tonal arsenal with a well-rounded mid-range and crisp highs. The Jackson high output humbuckers make light work of delivering a searing sonic assault, whilst the intuitive control setup allows you to dial in and find the right tone with ease.

The graphite reinforced neck-through-body design prevents the neck from twisting or warping. Thus, maximising stability so that you can confidently rock out in style. The compound radius rosewood fingerboard accommodates your fretting hand by providing a flatter playing surface to explore, with single-ply binding enabling seamless transitions between frets.

This beauty is endowed with a Floyd Rose special double-locking tremolo bridge, which works in tandem with the locking nut and Jackson die-cast tuning machines to optimise intonation, sustain and tuning consistency. You can dive, bend and wail to your heart’s content. All safe in the knowledge that everything will stay true and keep on coming back for more.

4. Jackson X Series King V KVX

Image of an electric guitar

The first of our V offerings is the Jackson X Series King V KVX. A fine example that proves a gig-ready powerhouse need not cost the earth. The streamlined V body is as clean a design as you’ll get, doing away with embellishments and leaving nothing but a balanced shred machine. The basswood body is lightweight and delivers a hefty mid-range punch with highs that will cut through any mix with authority.

The V shape does away with any cutaways to expose the neck in its entirety for you to explore. The neck-through-body design is reinforced using graphite rods for enhanced durability to withstand the most punishing of performances.

The classic pointy Jackson headstock is home to sealed die-cast tuning machines, which work dutifully to uphold consistency as you power through riffs. For those who like to dive and wail a la Kerry King, the Floyd Rose special double-locking offers pin-point accuracy over your vibrato.

For gigging metallers on a budget, the Jackson X Series King V KVX offers outstanding value.

5. Jackson Pro Series King V KV

Image of an electric guitar

Last but by no means least is the breath-taking Jackson Pro Series King V KV.

If you’re setting out on tour and need a guitar that not only stands up to the rigours of the road, but sounds like a beast, then look no further than the Pro Series King V KV. Boasting premium appointments across the board, this is a guitar that begs to be in the limelight.

The mahogany body produces an enthusiastic tonal palette and imparts a joyful playability that encourages an unrestrained attitude. The neck-through-body design integrates a graphite-reinforced maple neck into the King V KV. In turn, maximising performance and stability in equal measure. The compound radius ebony fingerboard establishes a natural position for the fretting hand thanks to a flatter curve. From fretting chords to two-hand tapping through elegant legato to swirling sweep picking you won’t want to put this beauty down once you pick it up.

A pair of beefy Seymour Duncan humbuckers make the most of the mahogany’s energy and the ebony’s warm response through each note. The tone setup couldn’t be simpler to use with a three-way pickup selector switch, a master volume pot and a master tone pot. From the chunkiness of the neck pickup through to the chugging beauty of the bridge, you have everything you could possibly desire to tear through palm-muted rhythms to scorching leads.

Fitted to the body is a Floyd Rose FRT-02000 double-locking tremolo bridge with accompanying locking nut at the top of the neck. Once you tune up and lock in, you’re good to go. From diving to the deepest depths to taking off into the stratosphere, the FRT-0200 gives you enormous scope to play around with. If you want to recreate the outro to Raining Blood with absolute precision – easier said than done – then this magnificent bridge will help you get as close as possible.

There we have it. It’s not a comprehensive list of all the “pointy” models that we offer. But hopefully we’ve tickled your fancy. Check out what else we’ve got to offer here.