The Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer is designed to be the brain, heart and soul of your setup. Power up your performances in style!

One sequencer to rule them all? Probably…

The ever-changing music production landscape finds artists and producers adopting a myriad of hardware and software in both their live performance and studio setups. However, bringing all those pieces of kit together in harmonious fashion can seem a daunting task to some. Introducing the Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer aka the answer to your prayers.

Music production powerhouse

The Toraiz SQUID is equipped with a host of connection to marry all manner of hardware such as modular synths, vintage gear, and drum machines to your DAW of choice seamlessly. Catering for MIDI devices and software via USB MIDI as well as CV/Gate devices, the SQUID Putting total control at your fingertips with an intuitive workflow and readily accessible control layout, you can easily produce masterful compositions on-the-fly.


Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer Top

There are 16 multicoloured LED rubber pads in the Step Edit section, which allow you to dictate set step parameters and even play live as if tapping out sequences via keys on a keyboard. There are various sequence functions at your disposal that include Interpolation and Harmonizer.

Interpolation buttons offer a tactile means for attenuating pitch, gate, note velocity either on your terms or set randomly.

Six Harmonizer buttons play through myriad variations of chords based around a root note. By using the Transpose pad mode, you can shift notes up or down from one +/-1 to +/-12 steps. For those who want the freedom to play around the melody with minimal effort for elegant flourishes, it couldn’t be simpler to do on the Toraiz SQUID.

Generous connectivity options

Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer Rear

Across the rear panel you’ll find a selection of inputs/outputs such as USB, MIDI (IN/OUT/THRU/OUT2), CV/GATE OUT (CV1/GATE1/CV2/GATE2), CLOCK (IN/OUT), DIN SYNC (IN/OUT2/OUT1). As previously stated, you can integrate all manner of gear into your setup, with the SQUID converting signal automatically. Up to 16 instruments can be sequenced simultaneously, keeping everything in sync with enviable consistency.


Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer Angled

Boasting a generous internal memory, the Toraiz SQUID holds up to 128 projects with a whopping 64 patterns each. Each pattern can be up to 64 steps long with an additional 16 tracks – absolute monster! With all that power at your fingertips, the only thing you need to worry about is running out of ideas. Thanks to the SQUID Manager function, you can readily transfer sequence patterns between the SQUID and your PC or Mac.

Thanks to the Time Warp function, you can recall a previous phrase and save it as a new sequence pattern. Thankfully, you can hold on to those glorious ‘magic moments’ rather than losing them forever.

Phrase arrangement

Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer Side

As noted above, the Step Edit section allows you to build up and develop tunes ad hoc. Thanks to built-in performance features such as Running Direction, Speed Modulation, and Groove Bend you can enhance your tracks beautifully.

Running Direction allows you to change the playback direction on the 16 pads, including the wholly unique zigzag or clockwise directions.

Speed Modulation fluctuate playback speed of sequence patterns to infuse them with unique grooves for a more fluid rather than strict feel. There’s a variety of different waveform shapes you can select and adjust the rate and amount of each one.

Groove Bend changes trigger timing in real-time to add a little swing to your patterns. Using the spring-loaded slider control, you can influence the trigger timing in a more ‘instrumental’ way.


Toraiz SQUID Multitrack Sequencer Front Angled

Basically, the Toraiz SQUID offers beefy levels of power but is exceedingly easy to use. From the visually appealing control layout to the sublime tactility of each button, dial, pad and slider, it is a remarkable piece of kit at a price point that has raised eyebrows around the office (for all the right reasons – how is it this affordable?).