Two Door Cinema Club - Sam Halliday

A new video shows Two Door Cinema Club ‘s Sam Halliday opening his first Farida signature model

Two Door Cinema Club ‘s Sam Halliday has been preparing for the release of new album ‘Beacon’ in September, along with the rest of the band. With the first new single from the album, ‘Sleep Alone’ released last week (and available for free for a brief period!), along with a string of festival gigs across the Summer, the band’s time is limited, to say the least. A video has emerged, however, showing the band in one of the rare moments that they’re not on a tour-bus, plane or a huge festival stage.

Two Door Cinema Club - Sam Halliday

Part two of the ‘Beacon – Studio Blog’ series on the Two Door Cinema Club Youtube channel, shows the band created the eagerly awaited album. It also captures the moment the Sam Halliday receives his gleaming new Farida Artist Designed JT-60 2DCC guitar.

This guitar is an ultra limited model designed in conjunction with Sam, and will be limited to just 25 numbered units Worldwide. Production has yet to start on these (the only one currently in existence is Sam’s own), so the full spec has yet to be absolutely cemented. However, the information that we know already can be found here. And, as you can see from the many photos and videos that have emerged of him playing on stages globally and in the studio, he’s very pleased with it…

Two Door Cinema Club - Sam Halliday

Pre-order ‘Beacon’ now

The production of the Farida JT-60 2DCC is set to begin soon- stay posted here for updates. And, for those who can’t wait to get their ears around the new material, it is now available to pre-order from iTunes in a standard and deluxe version, ensuring that you are right at the front of the queue on the 3rd of September.

To register your interest in the Farida JT-60 2DCC, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) to leave your details.

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