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The straplock has been quietly saving guitars from an untimely end for generations…

There are some bits of musical equipment that really scream for your attention. You know the type: ‘Ooh, look at me, I’m a distortion pedal! Aren’t I shiny?’

Some, however, just quietly get on with the job with no fuss. So much so, that you forget they’re even there. These are often the best bits of gear.

The Straplock most certainly falls into this category.

And yet, there would be a pile of broken of guitars from here to the moon without them. Probably.

Unsung Heroes - The Straplock

Great save from the little metal guy at the back…

Much like the goalkeeper in a game of footy, you would only really notice a straplock if it went wrong. But, the unfairness of the situation, again, like the keeper’s plight highlights just how essential it can be.

Picture this common scene… You’re playing your guitar at a gig. It’s going well, and you’re really in the zone. You start to throw a few shapes, when suddenly, something isn’t right.

The world goes into slow motion. The strap has come loose from the strap button, and your prized guitar is now hurtling towards the floor. You can only watch, and hope that the damage isn’t terminal…

Unsung Heroes - The Straplock (Jim Dunlop)

The straplock fixes this problem by providing a means of locking the strap securely to the button (bet you didn’t guess that, eh?). They do this by providing new strap buttons that lock into attachments for your strap.

These feature large washers, meaning that there’s very little chance of them slipping through the holes at the ends of your strap.

When these lock into the new strap buttons, your guitar is well and truly secured, and you’ll be saved the terror of watching you guitar falling to it’s death. Unlike this guy…

There are some great straplock designs from both Schaller and Jim Dunlop that are ideal for just about any electric guitar.

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