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Take a peek at Dawsons Manchester without ever leaving your house with Google Shop View

Dawsons Manchester is at the forefront of web technology… There have been numerous technological advancements in my lifetime that have literally made my mouth fall open involuntarily. The first time I heard a CD as a child, for example. Using an iPod for the first time would be another example, as was the first time I saw an iPhone. Playing with Propellerhead Rebirth, and later Reason, blew my mind, as did seeing a project with 80+ audio tracks, and hundreds of effects running on my laptop.

Propellerhead Reason

Outside of the musical world, it is fair to say that Google is responsible for many of the modern age’s ‘how the heck did they do that?’ moments. The Author Arthur C. Clarke once stated in his 3 laws of prediction, that ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’. This is something Google fully understands…

Who can forget seeing Google Earth for the first-time? And who didn’t spend hours visiting everywhere they’ve ever lived or visited when Google Street View went live? Well, Google Shop View takes this a step further, and we’re delighted to say that Dawsons Manchester is now on the Google Map…

Dawsons Manchester

Take a walk around the store

If you haven’t already seen it, Google Shop View takes its Street View technology into shops, so that anyone who wants to can take a look around the inside. If you’re reading this, there’s a strong possibility that as a musician, you’ve had the misfortune to glance at a website or magazine for a music store, only to find that it doesn’t quite live up to its own ‘hype’ when you pay it a visit.

Dawsons Manchester Homeworld
Well, we know our stores are great, and our Manchester Store is one of the best examples of how much pride the stores take in what they do. With Google Shop View, you can take a stroll around and see for yourself. See the DJ and tech area, the wall of monitors, and the comprehensive range of V-Drums and acoustic drum gear. Take a peek at Yamaha Homeworld, and the range of pianos, before heading upstairs to the mezzanine, which is filled to the rafters with guitars and guitar gear. There is no camera trickery; you are seeing the shop as a customer would.

Dawsons Manchester Homeworld openingAt present, only our Manchester Store is subscribed to Shop View, but stay posted for updates. In the meantime, have a look around for yourself… If you are going to pay the shop a visit, intending to look at a particular product, as always, call the store (0161 2371770) to check availability first. The Shop View was created on a particular day, and (unfortunately) won’t update when stock does. Version 2.0 maybe, Mr. Google? 😉

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