Here at Dawsons we love Farida Guitars and we are honoured guide you through the brand that has been knocking it out of the park for over a decade now!

Take a tour through the best brand you don’t know about…

Farida Guitars have spent many a year under the radar, so to speak. Modest, clean and bred from quality, not outlandish marketing campaigns. Dawsons has been importing them since 2004. Through carefully chosen partnerships with credible musicians and a track record of producing extremely high-quality guitars, the company has quietly gone about its business and built up a loyal fan base.

But who exactly are Farida Guitars?

Farida Guitars - Bombay Bicycle Club

Farida actually forms part of the Chinese group Grand Reward Education and Entertainment (GREE) which has been producing guitars under licence for ‘bigger’ name manufacturers since 1995. Their factory in Guang Dong produces around 13,000 guitars a month, of which more than half end up at stores in the United States. Yet with all that experience and know-how, GREE wanted to show off their expertise and felt they could offer the world a slightly different product. By using their proven construction techniques and industry knowledge, GREE ensured their new Farida range would deliver build quality and specifications well beyond what would be expected at a particular price point.

Our history with Farida

Farida Guitars - Freddie Cowan

Dawsons began working with Farida in 2004, becoming their sole UK distributor and pledging to help establish the brand in a competitive western market. In order to do this, Dawsons approached a number of credible, respected guitarists and began producing limited run signature models. The benefits of doing this were two-fold; firstly, it gets the guitars into the hands of the professionals, the ones who are likely to share their positive feedback with other players. Secondly, it raises awareness of the brand to a larger, more targeted audience than would otherwise have been possible.

Shortly after, signature models were produced for Frank Turner, James Morrison and the chaps from Bombay Bicycle Club. All were limited edition models, often featuring interesting design stylings hand-chosen by the artists themselves and all sold out shortly after going on sale, which provided the confirmation Dawsons and Farida needed that there was a desire from the guitar buying public to learn more about this exciting new brand.

A-Grade instruments

Image of a Farida guitar

Farida has mostly focused its energies on the acoustic guitar world. It has produced a range of dreadnought, parlour, jumbo and classical guitars which have been well received in the UK guitar press, along with the aforementioned signature models listed above. There have also been signature electrics produced too, notably for Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines and Murph from The Wombats.

By focusing on quality and craftsmanship ahead of a fancy brand name, Farida has brought the world of high-spec guitars to a much wider audience. Players of even the company’s entry-level models are often surprised at how easy they are to play and how great they sound compared with ‘big name’ guitars at the same price.

Image of an acoustic guitar in sunburst

As more people became aware of Farida and saw for themselves the amount of guitar they’re getting for their money, the company went from strength to strength. And, as with Fender and Squier, and Gibson and Epiphone, there is also an associated Farida sub-brand called Marina, offering a selection of guitars priced even more competitively. The current Farida range features a wide selection of acoustic guitars to suit every budget.

Over to you

Farida may not have the recognisable logo of some of its peers. It may not have the prestigious heritage or roll call of rock’s biggest names on its roster. But, crucially, what it does have is a desire to create some of the most well engineered, lovingly crafted and gorgeously playable guitars on the market today, no matter what the price. If you consider yourself a true player, you owe it to yourself to check one of these amazing guitars out next time you’re in your nearest Dawsons store.

Alternatively, visit the Farida Guitars website, check them out on Facebook here or view a complete range of electric and acoustic guitars over at the Dawsons website.