As a beginner, it may seem a luxury, but a stand may speed up your musical progress. So, which is the best guitar stand for you and why?

It’s about more than just showing off your instrument…

So, you’ve got the guitar of your dreams (budget permitting) – the amp too if it’s electric -, a fist full of picks, spare strings and a metronome/tuner thrown in for good measure (badum tss). Oh, and a case to keep it safe. With all of these accessories, you might ask why you need a guitar stand too? Well, there are some very good reasons for this, which we’ll run through and then narrow down the best one to meet your requirements. Ready? Let’s do this.

1. Protection

Why Do I Need a Guitar Stand? - Broken Guitar

We know you’re probably thinking, ‘I’ve got a case to protect it’. That’s great, and it’s certainly the most effective way to keep your guitar in one piece at home and on the road.

However, if you have your guitar in a case, how do you store it? Propped up in a corner? Under the bed?

It it’s the former, and it’s in anything other than a hard case, it’s still not 100% safe. If it gets knocked or slips, it could still get damaged- We’re not slating economy gig bags as they are very handy and very affordable, but the less padded the case, the more likely it becomes that should it fall accidentally then the less protection afforded to your guitar. Believe us when we say, there’s no terror like the slow-motion playing out of your prized guitar tumbling to the floor.

Plus, the butt of the guitar where it rests on the floor and the area on the headstock where it rests against the wall, will invariably get worn over time, no matter how carefully you place your instrument.

Why Do I need a Guitar Stand? - Broken Guitar Headstock

Stick it in a stand, however, and it’s going nowhere. All of the surfaces that are in contact with the guitar are soft, and so won’t cause any wear. And if you want to be doubly safe, many stands will accommodate a guitar in a gig-bag to keep it dust-free.

However, if you store it in said bag/case under your bed or out of sight, that brings us onto the second reason to get a stand…

2. Convenience

The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is pertinent to our reasoning here. A guitar that is languishing under a bed, in a wardrobe, in the loft, [insert your own idea/place of storage here], is far less likely to be picked up and played.

Consider these scenarios:

  1. A guitar that is in a gig bag, stored under the bed: Playing this will entail getting it out of the case, most likely tuning it, if it’s an electric then you may have to get the amp out and accompanying cable, pedals, etc.
  2. A guitar that is stood invitingly in a stand: Just pick it up and play – it’s practically begging you to play it! Also, it may well still be in tune, as the tuners haven’t moved whilst removing it from a case.

If you only have a few minutes to spare, having a guitar that is ready to play with minimum fuss means you can take advantage of small pockets of time to pick up your axe and get some practice in. Trust me, having an acoustic to hand when you’re sat watching TV and strumming along to random stuff or trying to score music to your favourite shows is a little slice of heaven – at the very least it can be hilarious.

Also, when your partner is still getting ready to go out but you’re suited and booted, you can grab your guitar and run through a quick scale, riff or lick whilst you’re waiting.

See? Convenience.

3. Guitars look cool

Why Do I Need a Guitar Stand? - Guitar Wall Hangers

When you had the idea to learn how to play the guitar, did you think ‘I love the sound of the guitar, but boy is it ugly’? No. You most likely thought that the guitar was the coolest instrument ever designed, and that just by owning one, some of that cool would transfer to you.

Well, this is sort of true, but if your guitar is hidden away in a case, or stuck away in a corner, how will anyone ever appreciate it? Have it on a stand, and your love of the guitar proudly shines for everyone to see.

If you really like the guitar as an element of interior design, you can even get wall hangers to mount your guitars more ‘decoratively’ as in the image above. Disclaimer – you don’t need to live in an New York loft style apartment to do this.

Bit of advice

One thing worth mentioning, if you do elect to put your guitar on a stand, please don’t do what a friend of mind did and leave it in the sunniest part of his living room. Nothing good can come of that. Trust me.

Types of Guitar Stand

There are innumerable varieties of guitar stand available, from simple ‘A’ frame designs and portable mini stands, to multi-guitar stands and wall hanging types. Some feature proprietary designs that lock the guitar into place for extra protection, some feature padding, most are affordable but there are exceptions to that rule for those who want something a little more unique.

However, the bottom line is that they all provide an extra layer of protection as opposed to leaning/propping your instrument against as well, as well as encouraging you to pick up and play more often, all whilst proudly exhibiting your passion for all to see.

1. A-Frame

Why Do I Need a Guitar Stand? - Aroma AGS-08 A-Frame Guitar Stand

Chances are you’ve come across an A-frame stand in your time, whether in a shop, at your mate’s or at a gig. The best thing about these stands is that they are delightfully compact, folding away easily and in most cases slotting into your gig bag to go wherever your music takes you. Our example above is the Aroma AGS-08 A-Frame Guitar Stand, which utilises aluminium alloy that is exceedingly durable. Thanks to the elongated legs it can accommodate a wide variety of stringed instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, as well as bass, mandolin, ukulele, etc. Silicone rubber padding prevents unwanted rubbing against your instrument to uphold the integrity of the finish, whilst the feet establish a secure base to prevent unwanted movement. All that and it weighs less than half a kilogram! Not bad, eh?

2. Multi-Stand

Why Do I Need a Guitar Stand? - Fender Multi-Stand 5

Multi-stands allow multiple instruments to be stored and within easy reach when you need them. Whether you’re at home, on the road or in the studio, you don’t have to choose which guitar to keep out on the stand, you can have them all out (depending on how many you’ve got obviously). There are a couple of options available, such as the Fender Multi-Stand (picture above), which lines up the guitars in a straight line one after another.

Why Do I Need a Guitar Stand? - Redwood Adjustable Triple Tubular Guitar Stand

Another option is the style like the Redwood Adjustable Triple Tubular Guitar Stand (picture above). Both get the job done by providing padded support and options to house multiple instruments, it just depends on your preference and budget.

3. Wall Hanger

Why Do I Need a Guitar Stand? - Aroma AH-86 Auto Lock Guitar Wall Hanger

If taking up floor space isn’t an option for you, then wall hangers provide a convenient answer. The Aroma AH-86 Auto Lock Guitar Wall Hanger provides a stable mechanism for anchoring your guitar securely to the wall. If you fancy getting a bit of wall art going or simply need to keep them off the floor, then wall hangers are perfect.

They aren’t quite one size fits all like some floor stands but there are instrument-specific options available for other instruments such as Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Ukulele. The reason for this is due to the depth and width of the neck (aka neck profile) sizes being vastly different across the board.

Choosing the Best Guitar Stand (for you)

As daft as it may sound, choose the right stand for your instrument, i.e. acoustic guitar = acoustic guitar stand/wall hanger, ukulele = ukulele guitar stand/wall hanger. Save yourself time and money by investing in decent gear early on. Thankfully, you don’t have to dig too deep nowadays to get something decent as our latest line from Aroma goes to show.

If you’re stuck for floor space, go for a wall hanger.

If you have several instruments that you want to keep within easy reach at any given time, then shell out for a multi-stand and save yourself from the effort of constantly rearranging furniture when you want to play.

Also, if you are serious about your instrument or consider yourself to be a budding songwriter, have an instrument in every room if you can get away with it. Exceptions to this rule are the kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool or sauna (if you’ve got them), conservatory, orangery, or else you will soon find out that humidity isn’t conducive to the longevity of your instrument.

Finally, for the love of all that is good keep your instruments out of direct sunlight – that includes you too Sean!

Get in touch

So, there we have it, reasons to get have a stand or wall hanger and plenty of options to choose from. If you need some more inspiration or want to see our full range of stands and wall hangers, then pop over to the Dawsons online store. Alternatively, head to your nearest Dawsons Music store where our in-store specialist will be more than happy to help you out.

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