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Why you should use Straplocks, Illustrated Edition

Why you should use Straplocks, Illustrated Edition

Jim Dunlop Straplok

Why you should use straplocks (and why guitar spins are usually a bad idea…)

The humble guitar straplock comes in various sizes (one of our favourites being the Jim Dunlop Straplok), and is one of those items that could well save your guitar from a horrific end. They may even save you from very public humiliation. Inexpensive and easy to fit, it’s sometimes hard to see why a guitarist wouldn’t use them. For those who’ve never seen them before, they ‘lock’ your ‘strap’ (duh…) so that your guitar won’t slip off whilst playing. If this happens it can be at best, embarrassing. Slightly worse, it can be damaging to your guitar and expensive, and at its worst, all of the above…

As an illustration of why investing in a set of straplocks, like the Dunlop Straplok, is a very good idea, here are some people attempting a guitar spin (which isn’t a great idea, even with straplocks) with, er… less than impressive results…!



Straplocks are always in stock at Dawsons. So to save your guitar from a fate worse than being flung at a park bench (!), call our stores or customer service team, or order online here.

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  1. ben

    My ibanez rgr320dx has different shaped strap buttons, instead of a v type button mine are cylindrical with a small groove a few mm around the center. My guitar shop looked at me stupid when I asked if I need a special strap for it. I dont know if the buttons were a custom job from the previous owner but I did see a different model of ibanez with the same on a search site. I think these strap locks are the answer, its as if my strap buttons were designed just for these! Are there certain ones i need?

    • Sam Butterworth

      Hi Ben.
      It does sound like your guitar could already be fitted with straplocks. You don’t need to use a specific strap so don’t worry!
      Let me know if you need anything else.