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There’s and impressive range of Yamaha amps available in the form of the THR series, and here’s a mini guide to the range…

Yamaha amps became a major talking point when the THR series was launched last year. Billed as ‘your third amp’ upon launch, the range combines several different Yamaha technologies into a retro styled casing. The idea is that they’re designed to fit into your musical life a whole lot better than a typical practice amp.

And, with Yamaha Virtual Circuitry Modelling supplying a range of accurately modelled amp tones with onboard effects, Yamaha’s extended stereo hi-fi technology generating a huge sound from its compact chassis, a built-in audio interface, and even the ability to be battery powered, the THR amps are well equipped for all manner of practice and recording situations.

With several different versions of these Yamaha amps available, you may ask, which is for you? Here’s a mini guide to the range.

THR-5 and THR-10

Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp
These two Yamaha amps are the original two models. Their retro-beige colour belies the tech packed into them. The amp models here are fairly broad in range, from vintage clean tones, to heavier, hi gain tones.

Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amp

The TH-10 is a 10W version, compared to the smaller 5W THR-5, and has better bass and mid-range response. As a result, the 10W version also features a bass amp model, along with an acoustic amp model.

These are essentially ‘all-rounder’ versions of the THR amps.


Yamaha Amps -THR-10C
The THR-10C is billed as the ‘boutique’ version of the THR-10. That is, the VCM amp models are derived from classic, boutique valve amps. With tones that sit at the ‘cleaner’ end of the gain spectrum, the THR-10C is all of the functionality of the THR-10C, but with classic, boutique amp models.

So there we are, there are THR Yamaha amps for everyone. If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order online today.