One tough thing about being a pianist is how much space our instrument of choice occupies. Anyone who’s ever moved in to student halls, or anywhere else where space is lacking, knows that finding an affordable practice piano that looks and sounds great can be a tough challenge. Well, Yamaha may have just made your day with their range of digital pianos which should exactly fit the bill…

Realising that there was a need for a simple, cost-effective solution for people in this type of situation, Yamaha have developed several instruments that are so ideal for this purpose that they are often referred to as ‘Practice Pianos’. Alongside their lightweight and compact design, these instruments feature a small selection of high quality sounds, built in speakers and headphone outputs, making these ideal for practice in student halls, or a room in a shared house. And, their lightweight design means that, if required, they can simply be tidied away in a cupboard to save space. So, here’s a mini guide to the most popular Yamaha practice pianos, the Yamaha P-45, the Yamaha NP-32, and the Yamaha NP-12.

Yamaha P-45

Image of Yamaha P-45 stage piano
Featuring a full size, fully weighted, 88-note hammer action keyboard, the Yamaha P-45 represents astonishing value for money. The GHS (graded hammer standard) keyboard is built into an attractive, slim-line unit. Featuring 10-preset voices (the most commonly used sounds- acoustic pianos, electric pianos, organs etc.) based on Yamaha ‘s stunning Pure CF sound engine, the P-45 sounds as good as it looks.

With two, high-quality 6-watt speakers and a headphone output, it is a great practice tool, whether you want people to hear your practice or not… And weighing in at just under 12kg, the Yamaha P-45 won’t be too hard on your back when moving or gigging. This is one of our most popular practice pianos.

Key Points

  1. 88-Note
  2. Fully weighted GHS hammer action keyboard
  3. High quality Pure CF sound engine
  4. 2-Track song recorder
  5. Lightweight, compact design
  6. Available in Black or White

Yamaha Piaggero NP-32

Image of Yamaha NP32
The NP-32 was designed with those who want a portable, highly user friendly option in mind. With 76 touch sensitive keys featuring Yamaha’s ‘Graded Soft Touch’ which provides a more realistic feel, it’s certainly perfect for those who need to get used to the touch and responsiveness of a real piano in the comfort of their own home. In terms of the onboard sounds, the Yamaha NP-32 comes packed with high quality AWM voices ensuring authentic reproduction of 10 of the most commonly used instruments, and with two six watt speakers audio quality isn’t an issue. The NP-32 does not have a 1-track recorder, but does have a dual-voice function, increasing versatility by enabling two sounds to be layered. In terms of portability, however, this unit really comes into its own. The Yamaha NP-32 weighs in at an astonishing 5.7kg. That’s about the same as a few textbooks and your lunch! So, the NP-32 is ideal for someone who may be moving from place to place. If that isn’t enough the USB and iOS connectivity makes it even more fun and friendly to use.

Key Points

  1. 76 Soft-touch, semi-weighted keys
  2. Ultra-slim, design
  3. 10, high quality AWM voices
  4. Dual-voice mode
  5. 2 x 6 Watt Speakers
  6. Incredibly low weight (5.7kg)
  7. USB & iOS connectivity

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12

Image of Yamaha NP-12
Yet smaller still is the Yamaha NP-12. Whilst it has 61, box style keys, this keyboard maintains many of the other features of the NP-31. With 10, high quality AWM voices, dual voice function and stereo speakers, NP-12 has a lot of ‘bang-for-the-buck’. And, it is even lighter than is already slim brother, the NP-31, weighing in at an unbelievable 4.5kg (probably less than a round of drinks with your mates!). The NP-12 is an ultra-compact, ultra light solution for those who can live without the 76 semi-weighted keys, and at price that’s difficult to resist…

Key points

  1. 61-box type keys (non-weighted)
  2. Ultra-compact, slimline deisign
  3. 10, high quality AWM voices
  4. Dual-voice mode
  5. 2 x 2.5 Watt Speakers
  6. Astonishingly lightweight (4.5kg)
  7. Available in Black or White

So, if you’ve just arrived in a new home and are pining for something to play whilst away from your piano, these pianos are all ideal candidates. If you have any questions, speak to any of our staff in store or call us on 01925 582 420.