The Yamaha THR II range breathes new life into an already beloved series, boasting pro- and tour-ready features aplenty - check them out here...

Yamaha’s Diminuitive Dynamo Returns

The Yamaha THR guitar amp series offers exceptional tonal offerings in a handy portable design, which is perfect for guitarists of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re practising at home, recording in the studio, warming up before a gig or wowing adoring fans, you can rely on the Yamaha THR to get you through.

Now the THR II models push the capabilities of the range even further and we’re happy to take you through the THR10II, THR10IIW and the THR30IIW in all their glory.

THR II Range Overview

Yamaha THR II Guitar Amps -

Home to realistic tube-amp tones in a lightweight and portable chassis, whilst boasting an enviable level of tone-shaping potential, the Yamaha THR II range is already the stuff dreams are made of. Add to that essential effects, Bluetooth support, USB connectivity and impressive tech specs and you can’t go wrong.

New features!

Yamaha endow each of their THR-II models (THR10II, THR10IIW, and THR30IIW) with some impressive powers that will make you stand up and take notice.

Bluetooth booiii!

All THR-II models feature Bluetooth® functionality for audio playback, controlling via the mobile editor app, or third-party controllers (sold separately) to recall customized presets without having to trudge back and forth to the amp. You can sit back and change it all via the app!

Mobile Editor

The “THR Remote” mobile editor provides users with convenient remote amplifier operation from your smartphone. You don’t have to be stood in front of it either, simply open the app and dial in your guitar tone. Chill, relax, and play! PC and Mac versions of the editor are also available.

Built-in Wireless Receiver

The THR30IIW and THR10IIW feature a built-in wireless receiver. Therefore, if you have something like the excellent Line 6 Relay G10T (sold separately) or other such wireless receivers then you can roam freely and bang out the licks like a champ.

Rechargeable battery

Both the THR10II Wireless and THR30II Wireless models boast built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries. What that means to you is a whopping five hours of play time when you’re on the move. When you’ve got access to mains power then you’ll be pleased to know that all THR-II models include an AC adaptor.

Specs to Shout About!

Yamaha THR II Guitar Amps THR10IIW

Virtual Circuitry Modelling

Yamaha’s patented Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM) technology simulates each circuit down to the component level. What this means is that by going into such granular detail the amps can accurately reflect the behaviour and interaction in exactly the same way you’d expect a classic boutique tube amp to respond. Basically, you get all the tonal sophistication and charm without shelling out for a small mortgage plus you don’t have the maintenance costs involved either. Winner!

Even more Amps & Effects!

The Yamaha THR II range packs in even more amp models to choose from offering a library of 15 guitar amps, 3 bass amps, and 3 mic models for electro-acoustic guitar, as well as flat modes to accommodate any and every genre of music that you can imagine

Each amp type also has a switchable Amp Mode with MODERN, BOUTIQUE, and CLASSIC for varying degrees of depth and warmth. Whether you’re going for classic cleans, dirty overdrive or solid gold saturation with piercing high gain, the THR10II can do it all at the turn of a couple of dials.

In addition, THR features dual circuits providing 8 natural, ultra-musical effects. One circuit handles stompbox-style modulation effects while the other provides delays and reverbs.

A compressor and noise gate are also available via the THR Remote editor software.

Audio excellence

The THR guitar amps were developed in collaboration with Yamaha’s award-winning AV division, which means that they offer true hi-fi stereo sound. What does this mean to you? Well it means that as well as producing superior guitar tone you can also playback your favourite tunes in all their glory too.

Thanks to Extended Stereo Technology the THR II creates a wide, spacious stereo audio image. Combine that with studio-quality reverb and you’ve got depth of sound that gives this amp far more presence that its diminuitive size might imply.

Recording made easy

Yamaha THR II Guitar Amps - THR30IIW

Integrated audio interface

All THR-II series amps are USB Class Compliant, which means that you can readily connect to PC/Mac and your mobile device of choice without needing drivers. Therefore, you can get those ideas recorded whether you’re at home, on the road or in the studio. There’s even 1/4-inch outputs for greater flexibility when recording and performing.

To get you up and running all THR II models come with Cubase AI and Cubasis LE so that you can start your recording journey without delay.


At a glance


THR30II Wireless

THR30II Wireless

THR10II Wireless

THR10II Wireless



Power 30W 20W 20W
Mobile editor
Built-in guitar wireless
Rechargeable battery
Line outputs


Anyway, enough of my guff, Yvette Young does a far better job of showing off the Yamaha THR30II Wireless than I can so enjoy.

Grab the gear

If you haven’t already, then head to the Dawsons Music website to put you order in now for a THR10II, THR10IIW, or THR30IIW now.

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