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Yamaha THR10X, THR10C and THR5A Guitar Amps Unveiled

Yamaha THR10X, THR10C and THR5A Guitar Amps Unveiled

The excellent THR range expands, with the Yamaha THR10X, THR10C and THR5A

The jaw-droppingly good THR range of guitar amps is set to expand with three new models: the Yamaha THR10X, the Yamaha THR10C and the Yamaha THR5A. The THR’s were one of last year’s big surprises. The fact that this was another great bit of kit from Yamaha was, of course, no surprise. The surprise came when guitarists plugged in these diminutive amps and played them. Mouths genuinely fell open.

Now, three new flavours of THR are available. Each follows the same format as the originals, with ‘amp head’ style design, VCM modelling technology, and extended stereo technology. The new Yamaha THR10X, THR10C and THR5A offer sounds catering more specifically to distorted rock sounds, clean picking blues, jazz and country sounds and acoustic guitarists, respectively.

Yamaha THR10X

The Yamaha THR10X is an amp with more of a rock flavour than its older siblings. The most immediately obvious difference, however, is the new olive green finish. The VCM amp models included in this unit are far more geared toward distorted rock styles. So, there’s a ‘Southern Hi’ setting, for those looking for some classic Southern rock tone, ‘Brown I’ and ‘Brown II’ which seem to allude to Van Halen’s legendary ‘Brown Sound’, and two hi-gain ‘Power’ settings, along with a ‘Clean’, ‘Bass’ and ‘Flat’ settings.

Effects have also been ‘tuned’ to the styles likely to be played on the amp, with appropriately big reverbs, delays and other effects. The Yamaha THR10X is equipped in the same manner to the Yamaha THR10 in just about every other sense. Its 10W amp delivers incredible extended stereo performance, it can be used as a USB audio interface and sounds can be edited via THR editor software. In addition, it has an onboard tuner, and input for playing externals sources, such as MP3 players, through it.

Yamaha THR10C

Yamaha THR10C

The Yamaha THR10C takes a similar approach, but applies it this time to ‘picking’ playing styles that require more note clarity. The amp models, therefore, are designed to replicate the low-gain boutique amps used for blues, jazz and country. The models available here provide ample indication of the amps on which they are based: ‘Deluxe’, ‘Class A’, ‘US Blues’, ‘Brit Blues’, ‘Mini’, ‘Bass’, ‘Aco’ (acoustic) and ‘Flat’. The THR10C replicates the unique, dynamic response of these amps.

Again, the onboard effects are tailored to suit the amp models. So, a new analogue tape delay is included, which emulates the quirks and detail of this vintage effect, include ‘wow’ and ‘flutter’ tape wobble on the delays.

The amp itself has the same extended stereo, and USB features of the Yamaha THR10X.

Yamaha THR5A

Yamaha THR5A

The Yamaha THR5A is designed to cater for acoustic guitar players. A smaller, 5-Watt model, it offers more subtle modelling to ensure that acoustic players always get the sound they need, without having to use a microphone. Rather than have amp models, them we have a selection of microphone models, with settings for a nylon string guitar and clean electric guitar.

Again, the extended stereo technology ensures an extraordinarily ‘big’ sound, and the onboard USB audio interface make achieving a recording of superb quality a piece of cake. An aux input also features for connecting external sound sources.

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