BluGuitar Amp Remote 1 Footswitch Pedal

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  • The Remote 1 is a fantastic foot pedal that can be used as an add-on for the Amp 1 Nanotube Amplifier
  • Convenient way of controlling all of the functions available on Amp 1
  • Compact, lightweight design makes it easy to transport
  • Two modes include Direct Access Mode and Preset Mode
  • Can be turned into a programmable guitar amp thanks to the Preset mode
  • Switch between clean, vintage, modern or classic tones
  • Integrated boost and reverb buttons
  • MIDI output allows you to plug in any MIDI foot pedal
  • Complex pedal set up made super simple


The “Strat King of Europe”, Thomas Blug, has collaborated with a fantastic team to build the BluGuitar Amp Remote 1 programmable multi-functioning footswitch pedal. Thomas Blug is well-known in the guitar world for his exceptional ability to play as well as for some of the amps and pedals that he has designed. The Remote 1 is perfectly matched alongside the Amp 1 Nanotube Amplifier giving you full control over its four various amp channels so you can take full advantage of its tonal range.


Weighing in at just 1.6kg, the Remote 1 is small and compact enough for you to take on the road. It can be placed neatly alongside your Amp 1 on a pedalboard which helps to keep your stage setup neat and tidy while also eliminating any stray cables. Setting up and taking down your stage equipment is made much easier with the use of a Remote 1 footswitch pedal.


The Remote 1 has been assigned two separate modes which give you full control over the available sound settings that come through the Amp 1 with the addition of a second switchable, adjustable Master Volume and Powersoak. Direct Access Mode allows you to have total access to all the Amp’s channels (clean, vintage, modern or classic). You can also combine any of those channels with the built-in boost or reverb controls and FX loop of the Amp 1.

The second Master Volume allows you to adjust from a rhythm guitar sound to a lead guitar depending on your playing needs. The Powersoak button on the Remote 1 footswitch pedal activates the powersoak option that is included in the Amp 1. The second master volume knob is used to control either the lead / rhythm level of volume or the Powersoak feature.


A stand-out feature of the Remote 1 has to be its ability to become programmable. Using the Preset Mode button, you can save all of your favourite sounds by choosing them via the footswitch and simply pressing the “store” button. To help you know when your preset has been saved, the Remote 1 will flash several times until one pedal button stays lit continuously. A total of 36 presets can be saved in 4 banks when using Direct Access Mode.

The MIDI output enables you to switch between compatible external MIDI effects devices, so with just one switch of a button on the Remote 1, a command is then sent to the relevant MIDI pedal whilst still allowing you full control over the Amp 1!

The Remote 1 is an amazing footswitch pedal which means you can include your favourite external MIDI equipment to work with the Amp 1 and shape your sound with ease and confidence to perfectly suit your studio or stage environment.

ModelAmp Remote 1 Footswitch Pedal
Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 410 x 150 mm
ModesDirect Access Mode and Preset Mode
Connectivity Input: Mono Jack
Outputs: MIDI

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