Boss FS-5U Non-Latching Momentary Type Footswitch

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Non-latching momentary-type footswitch
  • Sturdy metal construction that fits any pedalboard
  • Standard 1/4-inch type connections
  • Slots together with other FS-5U and FS-5L pedals
  • Wide range of uses, e.g. can be used to alter tempo with your existing tap tempo delay FX unit
  • Compatible with guitar-based FX, as well as keyboards, digital pianos, drum machines. synths, etc.


The Boss FS-5U is a non-latching momentary footswitch, which means that when it is depressed it is in an "active" state, and when you remove your foot, it is "inactive". The FS-5U can be slotted to other FS-5U pedals, or FS-5L Latching Footswitch to create a multi-function pedal.

Example of FS-5U application and use

For example, if you're using a guitar effects unit such as the BOSS RC-3, you can use the pedal in three ways. In it's first state it can be used in a "Stop" state, so that while in record, overdub, or play modes, you can press the FS-5U to stop. The RC-3 must be pressed twice to stop, so this saves you precious seconds and gives you greater accuracy over your loop timings. In the "Stopped" state, the pedal's rhythm feature can then be controlled by pressing the FS-5U several times to mimic the Tap Tempo button, enabling loops to be created on the fly, keeping your hands free to lay down some fresh licks. Finally, holding the footswitch down for two seconds will clear the current phrase, so when you're on stage, you can clear and create new loops without having to stop playing your instrument. As you can see, the FS-5U offers a cost effective way to significantly increase your level of control over your gear.

The Boss FS-5U footswitch takes standard 1/4-inch jack instrument cables, and is powered by two AAA batteries. Wherever your music takes you, the FS-5U is easily portable and easy to power.

One final thing, the FS-5U is not just compatible with guitar effects units, but works perfectly with: keyboards, pedalboards, digital pianos, and drum machines.

ModelFS-5U Momentary Type Footswitch
Dimensions (H x W x D)43 x 96 x 90 mm
Weight0.2 kg
Connectors1/4" phone type

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