BOSS Nextone Stage 40-Watt Guitar Amplifier Combo

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  • Outstanding amplifier that combines lush tube tone with flexibility
  • Switch between four analogue Class AB power amp circuits with ease
  • Lightweight and lean 40-watt combo is perfect for gigging with
  • Nextone Editor allows you to completely customize internal amp settings
  • Built-in FX and a loop section for utilizing external effects
  • External speaker jacks for beefing up your live rig
  • Wide range of connectivity options include Line, USB, Phones/Recording
  • Re-amping and direct recording made easy thanks to USB


The BOSS Nextone Stage Guitar Amplifier Combo is essentially a box of treats with incredible potential. Coming in at a favourable price point, the amp boasts lush tube sounds with BOSS' next-generation tone-shaping technology to give gigging guitarists a dynamic performance partner.

Next-Gen tech

The BOSS Nextone Stage amp benefits from bleeding-edge Tube Logic tech, which carefully reproduces the complex character of a tube amp with meticulous attention to detail. You get all the raw energy of a tube amp minus the maintenance and at a significantly reduced weight - perfect for gigging with! As the Nextone's name suggest, the tone sculpting capabilities here are taken to the next level. A selection of power amp types can be selected including: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34, giving you everything from old school '60s British combos to modern day American powerhouses.

Intuitive layout

The amplifier comprises a dual-channel design with clean and lead channels to choose from with three-band EQ for attenuating bass, middle and treble. Direct control over the built-in delay and reverb effects are afforded, as are access to the presence control, a master level knob, power amp select switch and a power control switch. The power control switch allows you to set the output power at maximum, half power, 0.5-Watts or standby. The beauty of this is that you can achieve the same rich tonal saturation at much lower output levels, making the Nextone Stage ideal for recording, jamming, practising at home, small/medium/large gigs (pretty much anything and everything). There's even a headphone output for times when you want to shut the world out and noodle away into the wee hours.

Nextone Editor

The Nextone Stage boasts USB connectivity, which makes it a breeze to record directly to your DAW of choice - you can also re-amp without any fuss thanks to multi-channel output support. That aside, BOSS' Nextone Editor is where it's at and where the Nextone Stage comes into its own. Not only do you have access to four Class AB analogue power amp types as discussed above, but the Nextone Editor gives you the ability to tinker and tweak everything from bias and sag to EQ and FX, change the Tone switch assignment, and even assign the Boost button as a compressor instead. You can tailor the amp to meet your personal tastes with a level of flexibility that is nothing short of astonishing. There’re even 99 different user setups available so that you can get all the ducks in a line before every gig making life so much easier.

Gig-ready features

The BOSS Nextone Stage plays well with the optional GA-FC foot controller, which affords hands-free command over channel selection, Tone, Boost, effects, pedal volume, and so much more. The line out allows you to connect directly to PA and using the Nextone Editor one of three "Air Feel" settings enables you to choose from a range of mic'd cab tones. To be heard on even larger stages, external speaker jacks are included for connecting up to two 16-Ohm 4 x 12 cabs for a monster wall of sound.

Though the Nextone Stage boasts built-in delay, reverb and tremolo effects, the Nextone Editor takes things a step further by allowing you to dictate what type of delay or tremolo effect is in use such as analogue, tape or SDE-3000. The reverb can also be changed between plate, spring or hall types to suit your performance environment or playing style. As if all that wasn't enough, there's even a loop for integrating outboard effects and further editing within the Nextone Editor.

Simply put, the BOSS Nextone Stage 40-Watt Guitar Amplifier Combo not only makes your gigging life easier, but it makes it better too.

Model NameNextone Stage 40-Watt Guitar Amplifier Combo
Dimensions (H x W x D) 427 x 492 x 248 mm
Weight 13.4 kg
Rated Power Output 40 W
Nominal Input Level
  • INPUT: -10 dBu (1 M ohm)
  • RETURN IN: -10 dBu (100 k ohm)
Speaker 30 cm (12 inches) x 1
  • CH SELECT button
  • BOOST button
  • TONE button
  • [CLEAN]
  • VOLUME knob
  • [LEAD]
  • GAIN Knob
  • VOLUME knob
  • BASS knob
  • MIDDLE knob
  • TREBLE knob
  • [EFFECT]
  • DELAY button
  • TAP button
  • DELAY knob
  • REVERB knob
  • PRESENCE knob
  • MASTER knob
  • POWER AMP SELECT switch (6V6, 6L6, EL84, EL34)
  • POWER switch
  • LEAD
  • TONE
  • TAP
  • INPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • REC OUT/PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • SEND jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • RETURN jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • LINE OUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • SPEAKER OUT 16 ohms A jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • SPEAKER OUT 16 ohms B jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • SPEAKER OUT 8 ohms jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • CH SELECT/BOOST jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • DELAY/GA-FC jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • USB port: USB B type
  • AC IN jack
Power Consumption 37 W
  • Owner's manual
  • Power cord
  • GA-FC sticker
Options (sold separately)
  • Footswitch: BOSS FS-5L, BOSS FS-6, BOSS FS-7
  • Expression pedal: Roland EV-5, BOSS FV-500L, BOSS FV-500H

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