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Alesis have been in the game for several decades now and know a thing or two when it comes to creating ground-breaking studio recording, electronic percussion, keyboard and live sound gear. A company who puts innovation high on their agenda, Alesis strive to make gear that empowers musicians, producers, and engineers from budding bedroom enthusiasts to the most hallowed of recording spaces. Alesis do not sit idly by and wait for the next trend to come along, they are in the thick of it and pushing boundaries all the time.

For one thing, Alesis was founded on innovative semi-conductor chip technology paired with award winning industrial designs, which put the creative potential into the hands of those who mattered – musicians and recording artists. Alesis were concerned with giving creators affordable, high-quality gear to make music with. First came the Midiverb, the first pro-grade 16-bit effects processor under $1000. Then came studio quality drum machines in the form of the HR-16 and SR-16 followed by a raft of other studio gear. We have got Alesis to thank for ADAT Multi-Channel Digital Tape, which essentially democratized the studio recording industry by allowing more artists, engineers and producers to go it alone and record studio quality recordings free from the grasp of big studios.

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Alesis Drum Kits

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, Alesis Electronic Drum kits have everything you need to get off to a flying start, recording your magnum opus or wow stadium crowds. Their proprietary mesh head technology offers flawless performance across all their pads and with drum modules that offering enormous resources with regard to sound libraries, connectivity options and solid hardware that is easy to set up and robust as they come, what more could you want? Alesis Drum Pads and Amplifiers The icing on the Alesis Drums cake come in the form of the awesome Strike Multipad Sampler and Looper, as well as the Strike Amp 12 Drum Amplifier both of which elevates the creative capabilities of pro drummers beyond what Strike Pro kit already presents to create an epic live or recording rig.

Alesis USB Controllers

Alesis V and VI series USB controller keyboards pack in enviable specs such as semi-weighted, velocity sensitive piano-style keys with aftertouch, assignable velocity and pressure sensitive pads for creating drum beats on the fly, and a host of assignable buttons, dials, and faders for absolute creative control. Whether you are putting together beats at home, on the road, recording in the studio, or performing to your adoring fans, Alesis controllers are compatible with all DAWs, plug and play straight out of the box, and are built to withstand anything you can throw their way.