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Blackstar Amplification

Founded in 2004, Blackstar Amps are tight-knit team who understand the importance of great tone and musical creativity. Therefore, they do all the hard work so that you do not have to. By that we mean that they craft superior amplifiers and effects with a plethora of tone shaping options that you can utilise if you wish or simply plug in, turn on, and rock out if that is more your thing.

They manage to make the crafting of world class products seem exceptionally easy but the truth of the matter is that countless hours of research and development go into each and every piece of kit from their guitar amps and effects pedals to accessories. Having seen first-hand the amount of due care and attention that went into developing their Sonnet acoustic guitar amplifier range, we can attest to their steadfast dedication to their craft.

From humble beginnings they have grown to produce a vast selection of amps from 1-Watt bedroom-friendly compacts with Bluetooth connectivity to full stack amp and cab set-ups that are at home on a festival or stadium stage. Whether you play acoustic, electric or bass guitar, we guarantee that there is a Blackstar Amp that will blow your expectations out of the water.

Blackstar Amps Series

The Blackstar Sonnet acoustic guitar amp series is designed to translate the timbre of your instrument with the utmost fidelity, whilst affording bountiful tone-shaping and connectivity options whether you are in the studio or performing on the largest of stages. Designed with insight from legendary guitarist and composer Jon Gomm, the Sonnet is quite possibly the most accomplished acoustic guitar amp combo that we have ever seen. The Blackstar Fly series provides portable potential for acoustic, bass, and electric guitars whether you are practising at home, taking your performance to the street or simply want a superb speaker to play your favourite tunes back on. The BEAM goes one better and accommodates acoustic, bass and electric in one amp, has Bluetooth connectivity, is delightfully portable and perfect for studio recording too!

The Blackstar HT series boasts amplifier heads, cabs and combos of varying wattages, shapes and sizes that deliver lovely valve warmth without breaking a sweat. From the delightfully diminutive HT-1RH to the more substantial HT-Stage combo you get immense power to play with. The Blackstar ID:Core series offer the ideal starting point for those beginning their guitar journey. Packing with several amp voices to choose from, a range of vintage-style effects to play with, the ability to record via USB directly into your DAW of choice (PreSonus Studio One Prime Blackstar edition is available via download), and Blackstar’s patented ISF control, which shapes the character of your amp from British to American at the turn of a dial. If all that was not enough Blackstar’s Insider software enables you to dig into some deep editing to make it unique to you.

Now on to Blackstar’s ground-breaking Silverline series, which combines coveted valve-powered response and tones with solid-state consistency plus a hearty dash of flexibility. In the space of 16 years Blackstar have gone from putting out boutique models to changing the dynamic of the guitar amp industry completely, thanks in no small part to their tireless pursuit of greatness. The Silverline series benefits from all that knowledge and passion and treats gigging and recording artists with the opportunity to take what is effectively an entire studio’s worth of gear in a single unit. There are switchable pre-amp settings, a plethora of effects, voice selection, user storable patches for recalling settings whenever you like, the ability to record directly via USB output, EQ with ISF control, and Insider software on hand for deep level editing once again. INCREDIBLE!