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Ernie Ball: A Brief History

Back in the early ‘50s, a young Ernie Ball met Leo Fender and got on so well with him that he became a Fender endorsee. Around the same time, he became a guitar teacher and started to gain an appreciation for the difficulties posed by thicker gauge strings on certain aspects of guitar technique, e.g. string bending and fretting chords. Ball went on to develop custom strings and other accessories for a more personalised approach, launching his own company in 1962.

Not one to simply try and shift products, as a musician and entrepreneur himself, Ernie Ball has helped many businesses get off the ground and given many young musicians a start in life through partnerships with brands across the globe. Ernie Ball did not reach cult like status just because they make good gear, they are passionate about what they do and giving back to the artists and musicians made and continue to make them who they are today.

With names like Regular Slinky, Not Even Slinky, Super Slinky, Mammoth Slinky, etc., Ernie Ball strings have a way of rooting themselves in your minds eye a bit more so than other brands who rely on gauge as a reference. The EB team are always adding to the line too, with recent additions being Mondo Slinky and Skinny Top Beefy Bottom, which is self-explanatory.