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Focusrite | Audio Interfaces

Having established his credentials by building some of the most lauded audio equipment in existence, industry-legend Rupert Neve founded Focusrite in 1985. Beginning life with contracts that included a commission from Sir George Martin himself to build extensions to Air studios’ custom Neve consoles, Focusrite earned a reputation for producing audio equipment of uncompromising quality. Over their 35 years the Focusrite Group has grown to include six brands within its stable that deliver a vast range of audio equipment to suit everyone from home recording enthusiasts to professional engineers and producers.

Focusrite can take credit for - arguably - the most widely known and used range of audio interfaces across the globe. Check out the social media accounts of many an artist and you’ll likely see a Scarlett or Clarett interface adorning a recording studio rack, desk, worktop, kitchen table, tour bus, backstage area (you get the idea). So consistent is the performance of Focusrite interfaces with clarity and functionality that simply works whatever your set-up, it is easy to understand why they are so frequently favoured. Whether you’re seeking a single input or expanding your connectivity without limitations, whether your Mac or PC, even if you need a complete setup with headphones and mic to boot, Focusrite has you covered.

Setting their exemplary hardware aside for a moment, Focusrite also offers one of the most generous support packages of any company in the MI industry. Their Plug-In Collective community is an ongoing effort to guarantee access to the most innovative music software on the market. By using their hefty reputation Focusrite have partnered with the hottest software plug-in developers on the planet, which means that anyone who purchases a Focusrite interface doesn’t just get an industry-leading piece of hardware, they get bleeding-edge software in the process.

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