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Korg | Workstations, Synthesizers and Keyboards

Korg are specialists when it comes to Synthesizers, Digital Pianos, and Keyboards. Since it came into being back in 1963, Korg’s primary objective has been to “create new experiences in music and performance”. As intangible as that statement may seem they continue to exceed expectations and have gone from developing Japan’s first synthesizer to create modest pocket-sized synths that have revolutionised the way that we make music. They’ve certainly help to democratize the world of synthesis with their exceptional Volca family, but Korg’s reach extends across DJ & Production Tools, Computer Gear, Software, Drums & Percussion, Digital Pianos, Mixers/Recorders, Effects, and so much more!

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Korg Synthesizers and Keyboards

Decades of experience alongside a desire to innovate influence the Korg design process. Taking that into consideration you can understand why their synths and keys range is as vast as it is. Not only that but when you can seamlessly move through their selection of Music Workstations, Stage Keyboards, Professional Arrangers, Analogue and Digital Synths and instantly feel at home then that is a family you want to be part of.

DJ Gear

Where would many a DJ be without the Korg Kaossilator, a truly revolutionary dynamic phrase synthesizer and loop recorder. Tactile FX control never felt so good. So good in fact that it comes in Pro version, mini versions, and is even downloadable as an app for smartphones and tablets. The Electribe family of music production station, sampler, and various apps including the Gorillaz edition offer a seamless means of creating music anywhere and anytime the feeling grabs you. Making beats using analogue modelling sound engines is not something new but when you have got the Korg pedigree to back it up you know that you are on to something good.

Computer Gear

Getting ideas from your head into your DAW of choice should be as easy as possible. Thankfully, Korg make it so. Their selection of MIDI keyboards and USB controllers such as the microKEY 2, nanoKEY 2, nanoKONTROL 2, and nanoPAD 2 offer smooth control in pocket-sized hardware that allows you to take an entire studio set up in your backpack.