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NEO Acoustic Line Array PA Systems

The LA10 and LA28 are so-called because of their 1 x 10-inch and 2 x 8-inch sub arrangements, respectively. Combined with neodymium speakers that are designed to NEO Acoustics proprietary specifications, the Line Array systems deliver powerful projection with brilliant high-frequency definition and a robust output across the low-end.

Featuring onboard digital signal processing (DSP) with 16 delays and reverb effects built-in you can tailor the sound to suit any venue. There are four useful EQ presets that are calibrated to specific audio sources and styles that enable you to rapidly dial in settings to get your system up and running with minimal effort.

The 6-channel mixer accommodates a variety of instruments and audio devices with XLR/Jack Combi inputs featuring Mic/Line switches, ¼-inch jack inputs, RCA Phono, and even an 1/8-inch jack input for smartphones and tablets. Whether you are a DJ going it alone or a band in need of a backline for small gigs, you are not short of an input or two here.

The LA10 and LA28 even feature Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream audio via any Bluetooth-enabled device too, ideal for backing tracks, music between song changes, etc. Thanks to the rugged house you can rest assured that your gear can stand the tests that come with life on the road. The cabinet houses the speaker array and thanks to the lightweight design you do not have to endure back-breaking labour getting it from A to B.

NEO Acoustic Active Speakers and Subs

As well as complete systems there are single Active Loudspeakers and Subs available too. As with the line array systems the loudspeakers feature a wide range of connectivity options including XLR, Phono, Bluetooth (XLR only for the Subs). Subs boast onboard DSP with an astonishing 48kHz sampling frequency range and whopping 42-bit processing power. All NEO Acoustics speakers and subs feature a range of protection measure built-in to prevent overheating and overload, DC power protection, etc. Whatever your set-up you can rest assured that you are working with the best.

NEO Acoustics PA Accessories

NEO Acoustics also produce their own microphone stands, protective bags for line array equipment, and a handy pack that comprises PA speaker stands and a bag to carry them in.