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Novation Launch Series

It is hard to imagine life without them but at one point in time, Novation’s excellent Launchpad did not exist. For those who are not versed in music theory or familiar with a keyboard, the Launchpad is a game changer with regard to music creativity. Affording tactile control and the ability to launch sound clips from a grid of pads linked up with your recording session in software such as Ableton Live – which is pretty handy as every member of the Launch family is supplied with Ableton Live Lite to get you started. From the Launchpad Mini to the Launch Control XL your can take hands-on control of filters, effects and instruments too. You can utilise multiple Launchpads in a single set-up simultaneously, you can set them up to act like an instrument or to control other MIDI hardware.

Novation Grooveboxes

Novation’s Circuit and Circuit Mono Station are designed to streamline the music-making process. Whether you are a musician, producer, or someone who simply likes to tinker with sounds the whole idea behind this pair is to have everything in a single unit to create compelling compositions with. Inheriting features from legendary synths such as the Nova and Bass Station II, you get the best of both worlds in a melding of old and new. From saturated beats to hard-hitting basslines and synths that will make you want to move; Novation ensure that they can hard the part all by themselves but can also play well with others if necessary.

Novation Synthesizers

As we have touched upon, Novation have a rich pedigree when it comes to synthesizers and they continue to innovate and excite. From classics like the MiniNova and Bass Station II to today’s Peak and Summit, you will find it difficult not to fall in love with the delightfully intuitive interfaces and creative potential at your fingertips.

Novation Sound Collective

As well as delivering the goods when it comes to hardware, Novation have developed close ties with many of the audio software industry’s heavyweights. As a result, when you register your Novation product you can become part of their Sound Collective, where they regularly roll out free downloads of audio plug-ins as well as exclusive discounts on products.