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More about Numark

Founded in Edison, New Jersey by Harry and Robert Kotovsky in ’71, Numark rapidly gained a reputation for developing mixers, turntables, and speaker enclosures to a superior standard of quality. So highly regarded were Numark, they were one of the leading manufacturers in the DJ industry during the hallowed age of Disco.

Showcasing their ability to get there before anyone else, they released the world’s first mixer with built-in sampler, which unlocked a wealth of creative potential for DJs who could now record and playback sample instantly for limitless on-the-fly possibilities.

Over the years Numark beat their rivals to the punch repeatedly with releases including the world’s first dual-well CD player, which set the standard for all others to follow. Then they moved further into the digital age with another first in the DMC-1, which was the first DJ computer software controller.

The release of their TTX turntables turned the world of deck design on its head, whilst the HDCD-1 could save an entire library of music, sparing the gigging DJ from lugging a bedroom’s worth of CDs to every gig.

Nowadays Numark boast the title of largest manufacturer of DJ equipment in the world. From the diminutive yet effortlessly cool DJ2GO2 Touch that is sleek enough to slip into your pocket to their 4-Channel powerhouse the NS7III, Numark hardware offers sleek all-in-one solutions to covering a wide range of DJ software including Serato DJ and Virtual DJ. No matter what your budget and skill level Numark have been at the top of their game for decades to ensure that you get the best that money can buy.