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Orange Guitar Amps

From compact heads to full-stack rigs that would bring Donington to its knees, Orange know a thing or two when it comes to putting together an exceptional guitar amp. Whether it is valve powered or solid state, they have been there, done that, and pushed the envelope a bit further just because they could. On the one hand you have got the likes of the Micro Terror amp head, which combines the best of both worlds with a single preamp valve and solid-state output. It hardly weighs a thing (less than a kilogram) and measures just 16.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 cm. Yet this thing absolutely rips! Pair it with an Orange PPC108 cabinet and you have got a rig that puts others to shame. Solidly built, easy to dial in your tone, infinitely fun. Imagine that and then scale it up.

The Crush series delivers sold state reliability with valve-inspired ferociousness with offers that provide the perfect practise amp for home use, perfect amp to jam with, and the perfect amp for heavy rockers to melt faces with at gigs.

When it comes to valve goodies the list is near endless with offerings that will satisfy the appetites of purists - AD30HTC and Custom Shop 50 -, the staples of modern metallers everywhere – Rockerverb 100 MKIII -, and an amp that is every bit the British amp you’d want to have – TH100.

Orange Bass Guitar Amps

Bass guitarists are also spoilt in terms of the offerings available too with rack mountable options like the OB1- 300 and 500 models, which answer the prayers of bassists who have spent many a year combining guitar and bass amps to get that high-end chime alongside low-end thunder. The OB1 utilises Orange’s unique blend circuitry, which adds a lovely sheen of controllable gain and increased harmonic content to the highs whilst leaving lows and the clean signal as it is.

There is also the AD200 MK3, which appears to be the weapon of choice for pretty much everyone – Geddy Lee (Rush), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Theo Ellis (Wolf Alice), Sergio Vega (Deftones), John Leven (Europe), and so many more! With good reason too as it is designed to be one of the purest valve bass amps ever. Period. Thanks to the short signal path it is crisp, clean, and offers a tight low-end. Minimal fuss, hardly anything to go wrong, and as solid as a tank.


Orange Instruments, Effects and Accessories

In recent years Orange have turned out some rather tasty products alongside their peerless amps such as the O Bass, several fetching FX pedals for guitar and bass, and arguably the pedal that no one expected but everyone wants, the OMEC Teleport.