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Shure Microphones

If you have ever had experience with studio recording or live performance, there is a very good chance that you will have come across the name Shure. Their SM-57 and SM-58 mics are two of the most widely used models in the music industry thanks to their build quality, durability, impeccable response, and adaptability. Though the SM-58 is more commonly used as the vocal mic of choice for live performance the world over, it is also a great option for studio use too. The SM-57 is like the Swiss Army Knife of microphones, it can do pretty much anything and everything you throw its way. Although you might elect for specialist mics to do idiosyncratic tasks, you could quite easily record an entire band’s worth of instruments with a single SM-57 including vocals, drums, guitar and bass cabs, and more.

The PGA Drum Kit is a 4-microphone set that has everything you need to get the perfect drum recording with close miking options aplenty. For those who like to spread their wings on the stage, Shure offer a wide range of wireless microphone systems that give you ultimate freedom such as the GLXd24 with SM58 and BLX24 with Beta 58. Whether it is a conference, spoken word performance, or stadium-filling rock gig, Shure have a wireless mic pack to suit everyone.

Shure In-Ear Personal Monitoring

When you are performing on stage it is always a good idea to have a decent monitor mix to as a point of reference. The last thing that you want is to be drifting out of time, out of key, out of touch. Shure lead the way in terms of in-ear monitoring systems giving players the freedom of wireless whilst staying connected to the music. For example, the Shure PSM200 In-Ear Personal Monitoring system combines the SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones, a P2R Receiver and a P2T Transmixer, which is everything the professional needs to stay on top of their performance night after night.