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Vox Guitar Amplifiers

Straight in with the AC series of amplifiers, ground-breaking at the time of their release and just as coveted by guitarists today. There is something magical in the heavenly sound of a cranked AC30, you need only ask Brian May what he thinks about the amp he has been using for over 40 years. At the other end of the spectrum Vox have shown that they have more than a knack for delivering the goods when it comes to hybrid and solid-state amps too with their proprietary Nutube range featuring portable and powerful renditions of the favourites with the MV series of amplifier heads.

The Vox AV and VT (Valvetronic) amps offer tube-based analogue circuitry that provides gorgeous models tones with built-in effects in a lightweight, giggable and recording-friendly amp. The Cambridge50 is the piece de resistance in terms of Vox amps modelling technology, packing in a heady amount of firepower with several amp types to choose from covering all bases, ferocious distortion and exquisite effects that showcase what Vox is capable of in the digital realm.

One of the most underrated offering from Vox must be their amPlug 2 models, which are pocket-sized amp modelling that fit in your pocket. Simply plug one into the jack input of your guitar, plug your headphone into the amPlug (there are many to choose from including AC30, Classic Rock, Metal, Bass, Clean, Blues, and Lead), and you’re reading to rock. Amazing or what?!