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Mirage Musical Instruments

Mirage may not be the first brand name that springs to mind when it comes to musical instruments, but do not let that put you off. They know a thing or two when it comes to producing high quality instruments and accessories, boasting a selection that ranges from music stands to one of the most affordable acoustic drum kits you'll find on the market today. For beginners and beyond, check out the awesome offerings from Mirage including some impressive percussive powerhouses.

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Mirage Acoustic Drum Kits

When it comes to acoustic drum kits Mirage are our biggest-selling brand year after year? Why might that be? Well, when it comes to affordable drum kits for beginners their 3- and 5-piece acoustic drum kits cannot be bested. Robust hardware including durable drum shells, solid stands, and everything you need to get your groove on, Mirage acoustic kits are built to withstand the punishment that the less skilful drummer may throw its way. Those misplaced hits, rim shots, and over enthusiastic kick technique can take their toll on any kit. But Mirage ensure that their kits can keep up with the best (and worst) of drummers.

Mirage Percussion

Alongside their excellent acoustic drum kits, Mirage also producing outstanding percussive instruments such as Bongos, Cajons, Glockenspiels and more. From beginners to more experienced players that are instruments to suit all levels.

Mirage Accessories

Whether you are looking for a music stand to place your sheet music or a drum throne/piano stool to plant yourself whilst performing, Mirage have products and packs to suits all budgets and levels. When it comes to the benches and stools, you can get levels of luxury that belie the price tag…trust us!