Casio CT-S100 Electronic Keyboard Bundle

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Casiotone CT-S100 is the most portable 61-key Electronic Piano
  • Casiotone CT-S100 has 122 Tones, 61 Accompaniment Rhythms & 60 Preset Songs
  • Casiotone CT-S100 has curved edges and carry handle and Easy to use interface
  • Casiotone CT-S100 has over 16 hours playing with only 6 AA's
  • Keyboard accessory bundle consisting of: an adjustable keyboard stand, headphones, and bench


The Casiotone CT-S100 electronic keyboard bundle is the perfect bundle for the beginner, containing everything required to get your musical learning off the ground. The Casiotone CT-S100 is one of the most portable, fully-featured keyboard around and bundled with the Mirage essentials keyboard pack includes everything a new pianist will need.

In 1980 the musical lives of a generation of children and adults changed forever with the introduction of the worlds first electronic keyboard the Casiotone S1. The ability to have simple digital rhythms accompany the notes you played and the range of sounds opened up the imaginations of a generation and helped the new romantics and dance music originals usher forth a new dimension in music

Casiotone Re-imagined

The new Casiotone CT-S100 pays homage to the playful simplicity of its predecessor but built with the modern world in mind. Portability is everything and the CT-S100 has a carry handle, rounded edges and piano-style keys, making it the worlds most portable 61-key electronic piano.

Tones, Rhythms and Songs

The Casiotone CT-S100 has over 120 tones, 60 accompaniment rhythms and 60 preset songs to play along to and practise to. This is a perfect beginner keyboard. The CT-S100 can also be connected to a PC or phone via USB opening up a world of musical potential. This is a steal at the price and the ideal gift for someone starting their musical journey.

The perfect bundle for those buying a keyboard, the Mirage Keyboard Accessory Pack comes with all the essentials you need to start playing. The pack consists of three parts: an adjustable keyboard stand, a set of headphones and a comfortable bench.

Adjustable Keyboard Stand

The Mirage keyboard stand offers a reassuringly solid base for your instrument. The simplistic design makes it very easy to adjust the height of the stand to suit your playing style. The stand is light and portable, making it ideal for anyone looking for a stand they can transport easily. It folds away discreetly too, which is perfect for those wish to tuck it away after playing.

Over ear headphones

The Mirage Headphones are surprisingly good quality for the price. With good sound quality and isolation from outside noise, they are the perfect accessory for focused keyboard practice and for keeping the peace with those who aren’t as appreciative of your talents. The headphones also come with an adaptor so both 3.5mm and 6.3mm headphone outputs can be accommodated.

Comfortable keyboard bench

The Mirage Keyboard Bench is a comfortable, practical bench for use with any model of keyboard. The bench is adjustable with safety locks for added stability. The sturdy metal legs are coated in a black finish. The seat is made from a comfortable black vinyl; perfect for those long practice sessions.

At a fraction of the individual selling prices of the items, the Mirage Keyboard Accessory Pack is an excellent gift for those learning to play the keyboard or even for those just wanting to get all their accessories in one place at a great price.

ModelCasiotone CT-S100
ColourMatte Black
Power6xAA Batteries or AD-E95100LE AC ADAPTER (Adapter not included)
ModelKeyboard Accessories Pack
Included Items Keyboard stand
Keyboard bench

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