Chord Dual UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System - EU Band - 863.3MHz and 864.3MHz

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  • Wireless microphone system consisting of a 19-inch mountable receiver and 2 dynamic wireless mic's
  • Pilot tone and mute circuit for a very stable signal
  • Large 30Hz to 20kHz frequency response delivers full-bodied capture
  • Excellent 60 metre range for total freedom to wander in larger venues
  • EU Licensed band - 863.3MHz and 864.3MHz
  • Lightweight transmitter with a smooth rubber wrapping for absolute comfort
  • Built in wind shield for minimising turbulence noise
  • Supplied with rack ears for mounting, power adapter and 4 x AA batteries


    The Chord Dual UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System for speakers, presenters and singers is a high-quality and cost-effective wireless vocal solution. Combining excellent sound quality and wireless capability for any required application at an entry-level price. The Chord Handheld Wireless Microphones deliver amazing build quality, fantastic capture range and clarity for all.

    Robust design

    Built to last, the Chord wireless handheld dynamic mic system puts you at the front of every stage offering legendary full-bodied sound to cut through high on-stage levels and ensure excellent feedback rejection. You have 2 set frequencies so setup is as simple as possible. A pair of antennae delivers up to a 60-metre range of freedom so even in large venues you can walk amongst your audience with confidence.

    Comprehensive output

    To take the signal to your mixing desk you have a balanced XLR output for each mic channel and an unbalanced jack "mix" output so you can either mix mic levels independently from your desk or just use a single channel for both mics. Each channel also has a volume amount for each mic so you can adjust levels from the stage also.

    Finally, each mic comes with a smooth rubber grip surface and built-in metal grille with an internal windshield to keep turbulence noises to a minimum. Excellent quality, range and power in a mic system that costs under £100? The Chord Dual UHF Handhelds are just the thing for you.

    Receiver Dimensions44 x 409 x 190mm
    Receiver Weight1.37kg
    Transmitter Dimensions243 x 48mmØ
    Transmitter Weight238g (no battery)
    Carrier Frequencies863.3MHz and 864.3MHz
    Frequency response30Hz-20KHz
    Image rejection>85dB
    Output impedance2.2k Ohms
    Output level400mV (balanced), 200mV (unbalanced)
    Included Accessories 4 x AA batteries
    2 x UHF antennas
    2 x antenna leads
    2 x rack-mounting ears
    Mains power adaptor
    6.3mm jack to jack lead

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