Dr Tone CHR101 Analog Chorus Pedal

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  • Classic analogue chorus effect
  • Very simple to control
  • Rate and Depth controls for different chorus tones and amount of effect produced
  • Fitted with a sturdy footswitch
  • Ultra-compact and slots into any pedalboard setup
  • Small yet reliable chassis to withstand lots of use
  • Battery or mains powered with 9v adapter (not included)
  • Great for both beginners and seasoned pros
  • High quality analogue chorus effects pedal to enrich your sound


The DR. Tone CHR101 analog chorus pedal combines simple functionality and tonal complexity with astonishing results. Not only would this pedal make a welcome addition to any pedalboard, but it also puts significantly more expensive models to shame with its incredibly versatile abilities. Whether you're looking to add a little texture to your signal or a brilliantly shimmering input, then this little beauty gives you the power to do whatever you wish. From moody riffs – think Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ – to upbeat pop licks – Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ – and a bit of jazz-fusion – John Scofield ‘Just My Luck’ -, chorus has been used to lift and shape the tones of some truly amazing musicians.

The simple layout consists of single input and output jacks, along with a footswitch, and two control pots: RATE and DEPTH. Analogue chorus creates a very warm sound, and the 'RATE' and 'DEPTH' controls let you add anything from a subtle infusion of warmth, to fast and wide phaser-like effects. RATE controls the 'wavering' sound introduced by the Chorus effect, whilst Depth controls how much of the effect you get. Whatever style of music you play, the CHR101 lets your guitar sing with a beautiful, vibrant character.

When you're doing your thing onstage, it is imperative that you have reliable and robust gear that can take a bit of abuse. The DR. Tone CHR101 is built to take a beating, with a solid chassis that holds up to the most vigorous of tests. The pedal can be powered by mains power using a 9V adapter, or a 9V battery when mains power isn’t available.

Whether you're just setting off on your musical journey, or are a seasoned pro who takes to the stage on a regular basis, the DR. Tone CHR101 is a fantastic analogue chorus pedal that adds a tremendous level of sophistication and richness to your tone.

ManufacturerDr Tone
ModelCHR101 Analog Chorus Pedal
Controls Rate
Connectors INPUT Jack
AC Adaptor Jack (DC 9 V)
Power Supply 9V AC Adaptor or Battery (Not Included)
Posted on 18/06/2015 by I tried four pedals in Dawsons today and left with this one. I was looking for one sound- a passable Duff Mckagan type chorus tone for the two GNR songs I do in a band. £75 Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus was very disappointing (lifeless and flat), TC Corona was very crisp and hifi but still didn't sound quite right (although you can download a Duff toneprint which is allegedly great) and was the most expensive at £95. EHX Nana Clone (£31) was very poor on bass and struggled to track on open E string. The Dr Tone Analogue Chorus had by far the warmest tone of the three which I guess is a reflection of the analogue. A bit of tweaking and I was getting the sound I need and for £25- I wasn't going to walk out without it.
Posted on 22/04/2013 by I went into Dawsons to buy a DR Tone Delay, but was so impressed with this pedal that I had to buy it. The case is metal, though lighter than the equivalent MXR. It is labelled as true bypass, and certainly didn't seem to lack tone in bypass. When I took off the back I found it has a proper switch to enable *real* true bypass and also switch the LED. MXR take note! I will buy the delay when it's back in stock!
Posted on 20/03/2013 by Can't go wrong with this little guy, nice sounding and fits perfectly with my tube amp. The price tag is super good for what you're purchasing and highly recommended, also solidly built for any gig.
Posted on 15/12/2012 by It's good. I'd put it up against anything around £50 and would hold its own against a Boss. I put it in the effects loop of the amp and it works really well. I bought it as a put-me-on but don't think I'll bother replacing it.
Posted on 05/07/2012 by This is a fantastic pedal for £30! It doesn't cut your tone, low mid and high frequencies come through clearly. Metal enclosure casing makes for a robust and sturdy build, much like the casing for Electro Harmonix nano series pedals.
The tone of the pedal itself is crisp and clear. It sounds far better than the EHX Nano Clone and other Chorus pedals for this price.

This is my first Dr. Tone Pedal purchase and I will definitely be getting another.

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