Dreadbox Komorebi Analogue Chorus Flanger Pedal - B STOCK

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  • 3 switchable LFO Waveforms
  • 3 Patch point, Static & Rate receive and 1 send
  • Feedback Control & Static Control
  • BBD Chorus analogue circuitry
  • Elegant Japanese design
  • Audio Input & Output
  • Discrete dip switches for modular use
  • Set time delay from 2ms - 35ms


Store B stock - Some aesthetic damage -Rate knob missing silver cap.

Komorebi is a directly untranslatable Japanese word that describes the feeling when sunlight shines through the leaves of a tree. Dreadbox, the Athens based boutique electronics manufacturer have looked to spread some light on a type of hybrid unit that may become the future of effects processors. Previously DJ's, Synth enthusiasts and Guitarists have had to shop in different locales for the same equipment. Dreadbox has realised all musicians look for effects to have the same application which is to modulate sound. Yannis the co-founder of Dreadbox started out making guitar effects pedals and has since moved into the world of analogue synth. The Komorebi is the fruition of both of these worlds, a chorus/flanger pedal that can be patched into a modular synth rig.

3 LFOs and BBD circuit

While nearly all modern effects processors handle all modulation digitally, Dreadbox look to create authentic hand finished analogue electronics. The Komorebi is what is called a BBD chorus/flanger. Bucket Brigade device is a line of capacitors each discharging in time with the clock, this rate can be controlled via the static - LFO amount dial. There are 3 LFO waveforms to choose from using the switch labelled with the Saw Up, Triangle and Saw Down waveform symbols. The rate of the chosen LFO can also be adjusted using the rate dial below. The delay time ranges from 2ms to 35ms and is controlled via the central dial and the feedback range is controlled via the feedback dial. The resultant flange is both deep and wide and produces a sweeping cascade of sound when partnered with a guitar or keyboard. The Chorus is vibrant and rich. The Komorebi would be a welcome addition to any guitarists pedal board.

Patchable and modular

The Komorebi is not only a conventional pedal but is also a hybrid modular analogue effects unit. Dreadbox has married its analogue synth knowledge with its background in guitar pedals to produce a hybrid floor pedal and desk mounted effect. With 3 patch points, send, static receive & rate receive, the Komorebi allows the Synth enthusiast to have a light but highly polished Flanger Chorus. The beautiful Japanese design will only enhance your rig and the price is extraordinary for the amount of power and versatility packed into such a small, light unit. The Pedal is Robust and hardy enough to weather years of gigging and would be the envy of every other guitarist.

Dimensions14 x 10 x 5cm
Sound EngineAnalogue
Waveforms3 x LFO
Power Source
15V DC center pin 2.5mm positive (included)

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