Drums Buying Guide

Drum kits come in two basic formats: acoustic or electronic/digital. Acoustic drum kits normally consist of a bass drum, a snare drum, up to three tom toms plus cymbals and hi-hats. They are naturally loud, so you should consider investing in a set of silencers - these are pads that sit over the drum skins to muffle the sound when you need to play quietly.

Electric drum kits consist of a set of electronic pads, rather than drum shells. They are ideal for practice as headphones can be plugged in, though you can plug them into a drum amplifier to get a bigger sound. A lot of electric kits now offer 'mesh' pads that simulate the feel of acoustic skins so you get real feel with the convenience of quiet practice. Most also offer a number of different kit set-ups, so you can get different sounds from the same instrument, and some have built-in training functions.