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Alesis Beginner Drum Kits

Catering to those who are new to the world of drums and want a kit that they can hit the ground running with, there is the DM Lite. Light-up LED pads keep you motivated whilst you are honing your technique, keeping you in check as you progress. All drum and cymbal pads are mounted to the pre-assembled, height-adjustable, four-post rack so that is it super easy to set up and get playing. A range of built-in drum coach lessons provide you with play-along patterns and exercises to aid in your development. You can connect the kit to an amp or headphones depending upon whether you want to kick out the jams or keep it to yourself. Not only that but you can connect the DM Lite to your computer via USB for recording your DAW of choice or for triggering virtual instruments. The DM6 Nitro ups the stakes by offering an 8-piece kit that boasts everything needed to play like a pro including three dynamic 8-inch tom pads, a dual-zone 8-inch snare drum, a kick pad with pedal, and three 12-inch cymbals for a huge range of expressive possibilities. The Nitro drum module is packed with hundreds of sounds, 40 different drum kits, and 60 built-in play-along tracks to boot.

Alesis Intermediate Drum Kits

When it comes to taking things up a gear, Alesis have a range of kits such as the Nitro, Forge, and Command that deliver greater functionality, tighter dynamic response, increased expression control and expanded connectivity. For example, the Nitro module allows you to connect external MIDI-equipped hardware via the USB MIDI connection so you can trigger drum machines, sound modules or other audio gear. You also have greater options with regard to outputting your signal to headphones for private practise, plus stereo outs for connecting to a PA system, amplifier, or recording console. The Forge drum module features 70 drum kits (50 factory + 20 user) with 600-plus sounds and 60 play-along tracks. The built-in metronome keeps you in check, whilst the 1/8-inch input allows you to connect an external sound source to play along with your own backing tracks or favourite songs. The Forge also features a USB memory stick input, which allows you to input .WAV samples that can be assigned and triggered using any part of the kit. The Command drum module equals the capabilities of the Forge but increases your control thanks to the addition of an exclusive Alesis mesh snare and mesh kick. The mesh pads offer a more authentic drumming experience by more closely matching the responsiveness of a solid pad. The Crimson Mesh 5-Piece Kit expands the mesh heads across all pads, whilst the Crimson II expands that to a whopping 9-Piece Kit. Alesis dominate the intermediate game with additional kits such as the Surge Mesh Kit, Command Mesh Kit, Nitro Mesh Kit, and Turbo Mesh Kit.

Alesis Advanced Drum Kits

The Alesis Strike, Strike Pro, and Strike Pro Special Edition kits are the crème de la crème of Alesis offerings, delivering professional-level performance whether you are studio-based or touring the world. The combination of multiple contact points and the dynamic response from the mesh head design means that Alesis Strike kits are exceptionally sensitive to a drummer’s touch. Using patented technology, you can even fine-tune the drum’s response as if you would with an acoustic drumhead.

Alesis Drum Pads and Amplifiers

The icing on the Alesis Drums cake come in the form of the awesome Strike Multipad Sampler and Looper, as well as the Strike Amp 12 Drum Amplifier both of which elevates the creative capabilities of pro drummers beyond what Strike Pro kit already presents to create an epic live or recording rig.